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Intonation Contour 1 and the Attitudes Conveyed by It

Intonation Contour 1: (Low Pre-Head+) (Descending/Stepping Head+) Low Fall (+Tail)

1. Statements:The most typical contour for unemphatic statements is IC 1 which makes the utterance sound complete, final, definite, categoric and firm.

E.g. I havenít heard from my brother for ages.

It is an ex tremely difficult case.

The use of the Stepping Head, Sliding Head and Scandent Head with the Low Fall makes utterances sound emphatic.

The Stepping Head with the Low Fall sounds also definiteand complete as in the common unemphatic usage but at the same time more categoric, weighty and serious, sometimes even unsympathetic and scolding.

E.g. Iíve told you more than once to stop smoking.

2. General Questions:The most common way of asking general questions is with Low Rise, but when said with the Low Fall, they are put forward as a serious suggestion or a subject for an urgent discussion. The questions sound insistent, assertive, urgent, sometimes sceptical.

E.g. Can I help with anything?

Shall we post pone the meeting then?

Does anyone feel like a walk?

3. Special questions:The most usual intonation contour for unemphatic special questions is IC 1. They sound serious, intense and responsible. Some English phoneticians also mention that special questions with this intonation are sometimes used to suggest impatience and irritability.

E.g. When díyou come back home?

Whatís the matter with you now?

Why did you do such a stupid thing?

4. Imperatives (Commands and requests):IC 1 is the most usual intonation pattern for firm, serious and weighty commands.

E.g. Come and see me to morrow.

Donít you worry.

5. Exclamations:The most typical exclamatory intonation is achieved by using IC 1. It makes the utterance sound weighty and emphatic.

E. g. Well done!

How ri diculous!

What ghastly weather!

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