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A sound mind in a sound body fables the famous proverb. Unfortunately, we forget about this saying that is actually a key to health and well-being. How is this statement applied to our life?

First of all, healthy way of living affects our mood. You may have noticed that after doing some physical exercises you feel cheerful and full of energy. It happens because such chemical substances as endorphins flow to our blood and promote a feeling of well-being and also raise our mood (endorphins are also called the hormones of happiness). So sports is always worth doing, especially nowadays when the ecological situation is not satisfying. With each breath harmful air particles get into our body and therefore in our blood. When we do sports the blood circulation increases and our cells get more oxygen. And besides that, when the blood flow increases, all these harmful particles get washed out of the blood faster.

Its not hard to exercise. There are scores of sports facilities at your disposal. You can jog or ride your bicycle, ski or skate in winter, play basketball or swim its up to you! But if its raining outside or you simply dont want to get dressed and go to a gym hall then you can purchase some exercise equipment. Machines for vibration exercise are currently gaining more and more popularity. They are easy to use, compact and highly effective. When working out on a vibration machine it:

Increases your blood flow

Makes you stronger

Increases your muscle flexibility

Provides your cells with more oxygen

Improves your mood

Improves your overall health condition

Vibration machines can be placed at home, even if you live in a small apartment. Moreover, vibration machines can be found in fitness centers as well.

Apart from going in for sports, eating well is also a crucial part of a healthy lifestyle. The fact that were always in a hurry leads to consuming a lot of junk food sandwiched, hamburgers, pizzas etc. And often well prefer buying coke and food from McDonalds to buying fruit. Actually, eating healthy food is not more expensive, as many people think. What is more expensive: buying a pack of rice or some Italian pizza? If you follow this 4 simple advice, your overall well-being will improve, youll feel it:

Eat fruit every day or at least several days a week. Dont forget that An apple a day keeps a doctor away;

Add more veggies to your daily diet;

Eat low-fat diary;

Avoid eating junk food and drinking soda (you also gain weight).

Text 21. Water filtration with water filters: care for your health


According to the well-known fact, a human body consists of about 80% of water. For proper functioning a human body requires from one to seven liters per day. We can live for 3 weeks without food, but for only 3 days without water. Adding some geography, well say there are only 3% of fresh water on the Earth. That explains how vital the water is in our everyday life. Unfortunately, due to the bad ecology and water pollution we have to drink bottled water or use water filters.Water filtration is a process of making water drinkable by removing bacteria, parasites, suspended particles and undesirable chemical substances. Water filtration is the best way to keep your body healthy. Anybody has a chance to perform water filtration at home. All you need are water filters. Generally speaking there are lots of shops either online or land-based offering water filters of different kinds: rapid sand water filters, disk water filters, screen water filters, media water filters and other kinds of water filters. According to World Health Organization report made in 88% of the 4 billion annual cases of diarrheal disease are attributed to unsafe water and inadequate water filtration. Unlike buying bottled water, water filters are a cheapest way to purify water. In some counties like Mexico water filtration is of crucial importance as its dangerous to drink tap water and water filters can be found in every house there.

Water filtration is something you must perform every day. As result, youll avoid drinking harmful chemical with the help of water filtration. Dont be mean to spend up more on buying good water filters, since water filtration will keep your body healthy and strong.



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