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Complete the passage with some of these words. Do not use any word or phrase more than once.

Task 2


Read and translate these sentences and then use the words in bold to complete the sentences below.

1. n factories still allow pollutants,such as toxic waste, to flow into our rivers.

2. We should put our old newspapers and bottles in recyclingbins.

3. Organizations like Friends of the Earth r often referred to as greenorganizations.

4. Scientists r concerned about the size of the hole in the ozone layer,as ozone helps stop harmful radiation entering the Earth's surface.

5. People who live in towns and cities live in n urbanenvironment.

6. People who live in the countryside live in ruralenvironment.

7. Dinosaurs bm extinctmillions of years ago; there will nvr b dinosaurs again.

8.Global warmingis the theory that the world's average temperature is increasing.

9.Ecologyis the relationship between plants, animals, people and their environment.

10.Exhaust fumesfrom cars r responsible for much of the air pollution in cities.

11. People who live near airports often suffer from noise pollution.

12. An animal's natural habitat is the place where it usually lives.

13. Some animals r endangered and need protection.

14. The blue whale faces extinction unless we act quickly.

15. When an animal is in captivity, it lives in place like zoo and isn't free.

16. This species of tiger is vr rr.

17. The Mediterranean monk seal is protected, which means you can't hunt them.

18. In the West, we rely n fossil fuels such as il and coal.

19. You n help the environment b using mr solar energy, especially in countries that have lot of sunshine.

20. Many conservationists r working hard to save animals which r under threat.

1) If we don't protect endangered species, they m bm _________ .

2) _________ is important because it means factories have to produce less new plastic, glass and r.

3) The filter prevents dangerous ________ from entering the atmosphere through the chimney.

4) Some children in _________ environments don't realize that milk comes from cows!

5) I'm vr _________ person; I recycle, use public transport, and r about the environment.

6) Electric cars don't produce n _________ , so they r much cleaner.

7) Until the Industrial Revolution, most Europeans had vr ____, agricultural way of life.

8) If ___ continues, the polar ice caps will start melting and the sea level will rise.

9) Some aerosol cans give off CFC gases which enter the atmosphere and destroy the ______ .

10)The _________ of rainforests changes when trees cut down.

11) Eventually, the world will run out of _________ and we will have to find other energy sources.

12) The _____ in the town centre is terrible and you have to shout to have conversation.

13) It was exciting to go to Africa and see elephants in their _________ .

14) Many people in Spain heat their water using _________ in the summer.

15) Unless we do something to help those animals which r ____ , we could lose many animals forever.

16) Expert __________ say that pollution seriously threatens this r.

17) The zoo announced that it was the first time panda had had bb _____ .

18) The Indian elephant is different __________ from the African.

19) Because there r so few in the wild, the golden eagle is _________ b law.

20) The Siberian tiger _________ and could disappear in vr short time.

Complete the passage with some of these words. Do not use any word or phrase more than once.

environmental, ozone, developing countries, acid rain, chemicals, rainforests, planet, preventable, climate, conservation, resources, renewable, pollution

Many 1) ___ experts are pessimistic about the future of our 2) ___. They say that in the next few years harmful 3) ___ will further damage the 4) ___ layer, there will be more losses of irreplaceable tropical 5) ___, and serious air 6) ___ will cause the 7) ___ itself to change. They also warn us that Third World countries will continue to suffer 8) ___ disasters, while the rich countries consume the vast majorities of the world's 9) ___. Projects for 10) ___ and protection of the environment are, unfortunately, not yet achieving their aims.

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