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Fuse Holder Houses removable fuse.
  (Spare fuse included, 1 amp, 0.79 inch in length)
Power Cord 100~120 or 220~240 Volt grounded cord (unless otherwise).
Silicone tube and Air stone one meters silicone tube and one air stone


The Ozone generator is designed to use in unoccupied spaces. It has a timer that will enable it to run for a maximum duration of 2 hours. The timer will then shut the commercial air purifier off. You should allow 40 minutes before returning to the treated area.

To operate the Ozone Generator:

Ø The device should be placed something under the unit bottom for steady.

Ø Connect the ozone output nozzle and the silicone tube( the silicone tube shall be flowed)

Ø Close off the desired area to be treated.

Ø Remove all occupants and pets.

Ø Position the unit as close as possible to the odor source.

Ø In such environments as motels that have individual heating and cooling systems, turn the fan on and set on re-circulate.

Ø Set timer to desired time and leave the room.

Ø Allow 40 minutes before re-entering the treated space.

Ø Return to space & ventilation area.


If you suspect a problem with your unit check the following:


1) Unit is plugged in properly.


2) It’s important that the Ozone Generator Commercial

air purifier be properly grounded to avoid potential shock.

3) Check the fan if it is working and the ozone output if there is gas.


4) Fuse is installed properly and in good condition. To replace fuse, pull out the plastic fuse holder, remove old fuse and insert new fuse. Replacement fuse must be 1 amp (0.79 inch). Refer to picture as follows:





The ozone generator commercial air purifier comes with a 3 Year Limited Warranty.

1) To extend the life, continuous power interval must be 30 seconds or more, please unplug the device if the device are not used for long-term. Also the device should be worked within the specified voltage range.

2) Users normal use of the product in accordance with the instruction manual, the failure of the warranty period, can be a free repair.

3) If the following conditions are paid maintenance during the warranty period:
Misuse, demolition, and modification caused the failure and damage
Drop and faults and damage caused by transport
For other disasters or abnormal voltage caused by the failure or damage.

Health and medicine

A What are your symptoms?

rash bruise lump spots a black eye

I've got a cold / a cough / a sore throat / a temperature / a stomach ache / chest pains / earache / a pain in my side / a rash on my chest / spots / a bruise on my leg / a black eye / a lump or) my arm / indigestion / diarrhoea / painful joints / blisters / sunburn.

I feel sick / dizzy / breathless / shivery / faint / particularly bad at night.

I am depressed / constipated / tired all the time.

I've lost my appetite / voice; I can't sleep, my nose itches and my leg hurts.

Β What do doctors do?

They take your temperature, listen to your chest, look in your ears, examine you, take your blood pressure, ask you some questions and weigh and measure you before sending you to the hospital for further tests.

Ρ What's the diagnosis?

You've got flu / ρΫρkεοπξυ / mumps / pneumonia / rheumatism / an ulcer / a virus / a bug

something that's going round. You've broken your wrist and sprained / dislocated your ankle. You're pregnant / a hypochondriac. He died of lung cancer / a heart attack / a brain haemorrhage / AIDS.

D What does the doctor prescribe?

a) Take one three times a day after meals.

b) Take a teaspoonful last thing at night.

c) Rub a little on before going to bed each night.

d) We'll get the nurse to put a bandage on.

e) You'll need to have some injections before you go.

f) I'll ask the surgeon when he can fit you in for an operation.

g) You'll have to have your leg put in plaster.

h) I think you should have total bed rest for a week.

E What might the doctor ask you?

What would you say if the doctor asked you the following questions?

Do you have health insurance? Are you taking any medication?



Have you ever had any operations?

Are you allergic to anything?


48.1 Match the diseases with their symptoms.

1 flu swollen glands in front of ear, earache or pain on eating

2 pneumonia burning pain in abdomen, pain or nausea after eating

3 rheumatism rash starting on body, slightly raised temperature

4 chickenpox dry cough, high fever, chest pain, rapid breathing

5 mumps headache, aching muscles, fever, cough, sneezing

6 an ulcer swollen, painful joints, stiffness, limited movement

48*2 What does the doctor or nurse use the following things for?

Example: stethoscope For listening to a patient's chest. 1 thermometer 2 scales 3 tape measure 4 scalpel

48.3 Look at statements (a) to (g) in D opposite. Which do you think the doctor said to each of

the following patients?

1 Anne with bad sunburn.

2 Jo who's broken her leg.

3 John who's off to the Tropics.

4 Paul with flu.

48.4 Complete the following table.

noun adjective verb
… breathless …
… faint …
… shivery …
… dislocated …
Ache … …
Treatment --- …
… swollen …



5 Liz with a bad cough.

6 Sam who needs his appendix out.

7 Rose suffering from exhaustion.

8 Alf who's sprained his wrist.


48.5 What medical problems might you have if...

1 you wear shoes that rub?

2 you eat too fast?

3 you smoke a lot?

4 you play football?

5 you go ski-ing?

6 you stay too long in the sun?


7 you eat food you're allergic to?

8 you run unusually fast for a bus?

9 you eat food that is bad?


10 a mosquito bites you?

11 you get wet on a cold day?

12 you think you're ill all the time?

48.6 Think of some of the illnesses you (or members of your family or friends) have had. What were the symptoms and what did the doctor prescribe?

Follow-up: Look at the health page of a magazine or newspaper. Make a note of any new vocabulary on the theme that you find there. Look in your medicine cabinet at home, at school or work. Can you name everything that you find there?

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