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Vocabulary practice

1. Which word does not belong to the group?


a) assist, help, edit, aid;

b) contain, select, choose, pick;

c) relevant, additional, supplementary, extra;

d) spreadsheet, database, Linux, graphics;

e) handle, deal with, assemble, manage;

f) generate, update, form, create.

g) improve, search for, upgrade, enhance

2. Fill in the missing words choosing from the variants given.


1. Various kinds of document product software provide tools for creating and … printed and web-based materials.

a) formatting b) sorting c) assembling d) transmitting

2. Spreadsheet software provides a sort of “blank canvas” on which you can create numeric … by simply “painting” values, labels, and formulas.

a) columns b) sequences c) models d) features

3. Database software stores data as a series of … and allows you to establish relationships between different types of records.

a) templates b) items c) entities d) records

4. CD ripper software … files from an audio CD to your computer’s hard disk.

a) edits b) transfers c) formats d) sorts

5. DVD authoring software … you to add Hollywood style menus to digital videos.

a) lets b) makes c) allows d) helps

6. The reference software category spans a wide … of applications.

a) entity b) sequence c) range d) circuit


3. Transform the following sentences without any change in meaning. Use the prompts as they are given (words in brackets, parts of sentences).


1. Most document production software includes a spelling checker.

A spelling checker is mostly …

2. Word processing offers several features that can improve the quality of writing (to enhance).

3. You may not be a composer or a musician to have a use for music software.

Neither … nor …

4. Many types of CAD software is available (get access).

5. Instead of typing data into a database you can also use data from a commercial database (import).

… than … you can …

6. If you are interested in working with graphics, you end up using more than one graphics software product (combine).

One who …


4. Fill in the gaps in the text.

The three most popular types of document production software include word processing, ___, and Web authoring. ___ software is similar to a “smart” piece of paper that automatically adds up the ___ of numbers you write on it. You can use it to make other calculations, too, based on simple equations that you write or more complex, built-in ___. Because it’s so easy to experiment with different numbers, this type of software is particular useful for ___ analyses. ___ software helps you store, find, organize, update, and report information stored in one or more tables. When two sets of records are ___, database software allows you to access data from both tables at the same time. A software ___ is a “bundled” collection of application software sold as a single package.


Speaking. Discuss the following questions.

1. How does document production software help me turn my ideas into sentences and paragraphs?

2. What if I am a bad speller?

3. What features of document product software can improve my writing?

4. What is a spreadsheet?

5. What other “number-crunching” software is available?

6. What is a database?

7. What is the best –selling entertainment software?

8. What is a software suite?


Text D

Reading. Read the text and try to guess the meaning of the words in bold. Check your variants in the dictionary.

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