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Vocabulary practice

1. In the text find the synonyms to the given words.

start a program objective define method decrease provide perform


2. Fill in the blanks choosing from the variants given.

1. The instructions that tell a computer how to … a task are referred to as a computer program.

a) require b) create c) carry out d) define

2. A programming language … tools for creating a lengthy list of instructions called source code.

a) prefer b) refer to c) avoid d) provide

3. As a program is running an interpreter converts one instruction… into machine language.

a) at a time b) at the same time c) all the time

4. eVidpro.exe is a compiled program, so its instructions are immediately … by the processor.

a) provided b) modified c) executed d) adapted

5. Software includes menus, buttons, and other control objects that are … by a programmer, who designates their properties.

a) converted b) defined c) reduced d) purchased

6. The software that provides the computer with … for each use is called application software.

a) approaches b) efficiency c) utilities d) instructions


3. Make two-word expressions by combining words from two lists: A and B. Then fill in the gaps in the following sentences.

A: executable B: language

application code

machine file

source extensions

file software

high-level instructions


1. When using a Windows PC, you can start an … by clicking its icon, selecting it from a Start menu, or entering its name in the Run dialog box.

2. Computer software can be divided into two major categories: … software and system software.

3. The data files supplied with a software package sport … such as .txt, .bmp, .hlp.

4. A programming language provides tools for creating a lengthy list of instructions called … .

5. A simple instruction to add two numbers becomes a long series of 0s and 1s in a… .

6. A compiler converts … into a file containing machine language instructions.

4. Fill in the gaps in the text.

Software consists of computer ___ (programs/utilities) and data files that work together to provide a computer with the ___ (instructions/approaches) and ___ (data/tools) necessary for carrying out a specific type of task, such as document production, video editing, graphic design, or Web browsing.

To create a software ___ (efficiency/environment), a programmer must define the ___ (approaches/properties) for each element in the environment, such as where an object appears, its shape, its color, and its behavior. Most programmers today prefer to use ___ (high-level/machine) languages. A computer’s microprocessor understands only ___ (machine/high-level) language, however, so a program that is written in a high-level language must be ___ (avoided/compiled) or interpreted before it can be ___ (processed/modified).


Speaking. Discuss the following questions.

1. What is software?

2. What kinds of files are included in a typical software product?

3. Why does software require so many files?

4. How does a programmer “write” software?

5. How does a computer process a program?

6. How is software categorized?


Text B

Reading. Read the text and try to guess the meaning of the words in bold. Check your variants in the dictionary.

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