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Request for marine insurance quotation

Kent, Clarke & Co. are forwarding agents for Delta Computers (see 9.8.1-8 and 11.4.4-7 for previous correspondence). They ask Worldwide Insurance to quote a rate for their client's shipment to New Zealand, which is outside the terms of their open cover agreement (see 12.4.2).


Kent, Clarke & Co. Ltd.

Chairman: Lord Matherson Directors: B. Kent , C.D. Clarke HND, R.P. Diller

South Bank House, Borough Road, London SE1 OAA


Reg No: London 3395162 Telephone: 071 928 7716

VAT No: 41 618231 59 Telex: 988153

Fax: 071 928 7111

Worldwide Insurance Ltd. 15 May 20

Worldwide House

Vorley Road

London N19 5HD


Dear Sirs,

We will be sending on behalf of our clients, Delta Computers Ltd., a consignment of 20 computers to N.Z. Business Machines Pty., Wellington, New Zealand. The consignment is to be loaded on to the SS Northern Cross which sails from Tilbury on 18 May and is due in Wellington on 25 June.

Details with regard to packing and values are attached, and we would be grateM if you could guote a rate covering all risks from port to port.

As the matter is urgent, we would appreciate a prompt reply. Thank you.

Yours faithfully,

J.D. Simpson






Worldwide House, Vorley Road, London N19 5HD

Telephone: 071 263 6216 Fax: 071 263 6925 Telex: 211121


Chairman: A.L. Galvin FIS Registered in England No. 6 915614

Managing Director: P.R. Erwin CIS VAT No. 56 341 27

Directors: L. Swanne, T.R. Crowe MC, H.B. Sidey MA


Your Ref: Our Ref: Ml-C 167932 Date: 16 May 20


Mr J. D. Simpson

Kent, Clarke & Co. Ltd.

South Bank House

Borough Road

London SE10AA


Dear Mr Simpson,

Thank you for your letter of 15 May, in which you asked about cover for a shipment of computers from Tilbury to Wellington.

I note from the details attached to your letter that the net amount of the invoice is £22,000, and payment is by letter of credit. I would therefore

We will issue a cover note as soon as you complete and return the enclosed declaration form.

Yours sincerely,

D. Adair


Enc. Declaration form



Quotation for marine insurance

In this reply to Kent, Clarke, Worldwide suggest a valued policy, thus covering the consignment for £22,000 plus 10%, against all risks including war, strike, and normal and exceptional damage. Insurance will be effected from the date the ship leaves port to its arrival. A declaration form gives the insurance company information about the shipment so they can prepare an insurance certificate.



Certificate of insurance


1. Who will claim compensation if there is damage or loss?

2. Who are the brokers on this certificate?

3. To what destination is the consignment covered?

4. What is the total cover for the consignment?

5. What do the letters pp stand for?

6. When must the consignment be shipped?

7. What type of policy is this?

8. What is the name of the ship carrying the consignment?



Clayfield, Burnley BB10 IRQ


Tel: 0315 46125 Registered No. 716481

Telex: 8801773 VAT Registered No. 133 5341 08

Fax: 0315 63182


Mr D. Adair 5 March 20

Worldwide Insurance Ltd.

Worldwide House

Vorley Road

London N19 5HD


Dear Mr Adair,

We have been insuring individual shipments of our chinaware with you for some time now, and as you have probably noticed we have established a number of customers in North and South America.

As we will be making regular shipments, we wondered if you could arrange open cover for £60,000 against all risks to insure consignments to North and South American Eastern seaboard ports.

We look forward to hearing from you soon,

Yours sincerely,

E.F. Goodman

Export Department



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