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International Trading Co. Ltd.

511, Silom Road, Bangkok, Thailand

Telex: 885173 Cable: Intrad


Mr J. Trevor Your Ref:

Educational Books Ltd. ourref: 93/2

187 Springfield Road

Chatham Date; 4 April 20-

Kent ME4 6SN



Dear Mr Trevor,

We are submitting our account sales for the consignment delivered ex-SS Orianna. You will find our draft for £1,190.80 enclosed, which is for the total sales, less our commission at 10 per cent and charges.

A number of booksellers here have been asking us if they could get scientific text books, or classic fiction which is written in a simplified form of English and would be suitable for students of an intermediate level in English.

If you produce a series like this, would you send us a list? If not, could you put us in touch with a company that specializes in these books?

Yours sincerely,


L. Chailing

Encl. account sales and draft.



By International Trading Co. Ltd.

511 Silom Road, Bangkok, Thailand


4 April 20

In the matter of books ex-S.S. Oriana, sold for the account of Educational Books Ltd., Chatham, Kent, England.


          Copies "   " "   "   "   English Dictionary Adv. Eng. Stud, by P. Bowles Int. Eng. by M. Nash Eng. for Proficiency by V. Roberts Eng. for First Cert, by T. Cubitson Beginning English by U. Vickers @ 9.00 @ £6.00   @ £5.00 @ £7.00   @ £5.60   @ £3.40   each "   " "   "   "   900.00 300.00   500.00 560.00   392,00   306.00   ___________ 2958.00  
Less Charges Ocean Freight Dock Dues etc. Marine Insurance Customs Tariff Commission @ 10% on 2958.00   £ 146.00 61.00 31.60 42.00 295.80       576,40 _________ 2381.60






Account sales

This shows the amount International Trading Co. Ltd. received for selling books on behalf of Educational Books Ltd., less charges and commission.



Points to remember

1. If you are offering an agency to someone, convince him that your products are worth selling and will find a market in his area.

2. Be clear about the type of agency you are offering: exclusive or non exclusive, on a consignment basis or a sale and retail basis.

3. Offer terms and suggest methods of settlement of accounts. Be positive about the support that you, the principal, can provide for your agent.

4. If you are asking for an agency, make sure the manufacturer appreciates the standing of your company and convince him that his products will be well represented.



Words to remember

an agent

an agency

a broker

a principal

a client

an importer

an exporter

a competitor

a rival


to offer an agency

sole/exclusive agency

non-exclusive agency

consignment basis

commission basis

'del credere' commission

own account basis

c.i.f. invoice values

net invoice values


a reference

Trade Journals

departments of trade

Chambers of Commerce


Trade Associations


a broker/dealer

the Stock Exchange



commodity markets

the Metal Exchange


foreign currency


insurance brokers

insurance cover




indents - open/closed/specific

a confirming house

an export manager

a manufacturer

a supplier

a factor

non-recourse factoring

recourse factoring

a manufacturer's agent

a buying agent/house

to develop a market

to create a demand

to renew a contract

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