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From the agent bank to the exporter

Eastland Bank, London, who are the agents for the New Zealand Bank, now inform Delta Computers that the credit has been opened for them. The documents listed in the letter are the essential shipping documents. But they could also have included a customs form; a certificate of origin, i.e. a certificate stating where the goods originated from, and used to prevent goods coming into a Free Trade area, or Customs Union, without being taxed; a consular invoice, which is an invoice, or sometimes a stamp on the commercial invoice, issued by the importing country's consul giving permission for the goods to be imported; a certificate of inspection, i.e. a certificate signed by agents to ensure the customer is getting goods of the type and quality he ordered; a health certificate.


EASTLAND BANK401 Aldgate, London EC1

Telephone: 071 6352217(10lines)

Fax: 071 6352226

Chairman: Lord Seaforth

Managing Director: IP. Raimer

Directors: R. Lichen M.Sc., B.A., S.D. HarrismanO.B.E., P.R. Akermann B.Sc., N.L Renut


Delta Computers Ltd. 15 May 20

Bradfield Estate

Bradfield Road


Northamptonshire NN8 4HB


Dear Sir,

Please find enclosed a copy of the notification we received yesterday from the New Zealand Bank, Wellington, to open an irrevocable letter of credit in your favour for £22,000 which will be available until 10 June 20.

You may draw on us at 60 days against the credit as soon as you provide evidence of shipment. Would you include with the draft the following documents?

Bill of lading (six copies)

Commercial invoice c.i.f. Wellington (four copies)

A.R. Insurance certificate for £24,200.

Your draft should include our discount commission, which is five per cent, and our charges listed on the attached sheet.

Yours faithfully,

P. Medway

Documentary Credits Department


Enc. Irrevocable Credit No. 2/345/16


168 Fenchurch Street, London, .

date20th July 20..




Beneficiary(ies) Speirs and Wadley Limited. Adderley Road, Hackney. London. E.8.   Advised through
Accreditor Woldal Incorporated, PO Box 666, Broadway Hong Kong To be completed if applicable Our cable of Advised through Refers


Dear Sir(s)

In accordance with instructions received fromThe Downtown Bank & Trust Co.

we hereby issue in your favour a Documentary Credit for£4108

(say) Four thousand, one hundred ad eight pounds sterling available by your drafts

drawn on us


At sight

for the 100% C.i.f. invoice value, accompanied by the following documents:-


1. Signed Invoice in triplicate.

2. Full set of clean on board Shipping Company's Bills of Lading made out to order and blank endorsed, marked "Freight Paid" and "Notary Woldal Inc., PO Box 666, Broadway, Hong Kong!'

3. Insurance Policy or Certificate in duplicate, covering Marine and War Risks up to buyer's warehouse, for invoice value of the goods plus 10%.

Coveringthe following goods:-

400 Electric PowerDrills

To be shipped fromLondon toHong Kong c.i.f.

not later than10th August 19..

Partshipment not permitted Transhipment not permitted

The credit is available forpresentation to US until31st August 20..

Documents to be presented within 21 days of shipment but within credit validity.


Drafts drawnhereunder must be marked "Drawn under Barclays Bank International limited168 Fenchurch Street
London branch. Credit numberFDC/2/6789

We undertake that drafts and documents drawn under and in strict conformity with theterm of this credit will behonoured upon presentation.

Date: 2016-01-03; view: 1059

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