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Change of signature

The bank must be informed of any change of address and, as here, of a change in the signatures required on cheques.


Dear Mr Winston,

Will you please note that as from 11 August 19 the two signatures that will appear on cheques for our number 1 and 2 accounts win be mine and that of our new accountant Mr Harold Lloyd, who is taking over from Mr David Story

I enclose a specimen of Mr Lloyd's signature and look forward to your acknowledgement.

Yours sincerely,


Request for a standing order


Dear Sir,

Account No. 331521109501

We have just moved to new premises at the above address and would like to pay our monthly rent of £574.00 to our landlords, Richards & Long, 30 Blare Street, London SW7 1LN, by standing order.

Would you please arrange for £574.00 to be transferred from our No. 2 account to their account with Dewlands Bank, Leadenhall Street, London EC2, on the 1st of every month, beginning 1 May this year?

Please confirm that the arrangement has been made.

Yours faithfully,


Dear Sir,

Please would you cancel cheque No. 17892165001 for £1,672 in favour of B. Gelt Ltd? The cheque appears to have been lost in the post and I am sending another in its place.

Yours faithfully,

D Cancellation of a cheque Cancelling a cheque must be done in writing, not on the phone. Banks are obliged to pay cheques if the payer has funds in his current account, so the bank will want written proof to protect them.


Dear Mr Collis,

Please would you transfer £2,500 from my current account to my deposit account? The account numbers and details are on the enclosed transfer slip, and I would be grateful if you could stamp the counterfoil and return it tome.

Yours sincerely,


E Transfer of money from current account to deposit account



Advice of an overdrawn account

Banks prefer not to stop payments because of the embarrassment it can cause the customer, but if there has not been an arrangement for overdraft facilities, and the cheque, in the bank manager's opinion, is too large, he will stop it. In the case of Mr Hughes, however, the bank manager lets the credit transfer go through.


1. Why has the bank manager passed Mr Hughes' cheque although it led to an overdraft?

2. What does he advise Mr Hughes to do if he wants an overdraft in future?

3. How does he suggest Mr Hughes corrects the overdraft?

Welsh Co-operative Bank

Chairman: A.C.M. Conway Directors: R.M. Lloyd, C.R. Gymre A.I.S.

Seaway House, Glendower Road, Swansea, Glamorgan 8RN 1TA


Reg. No.: Swansea 385 1623 Telephone: (0792) 469008 (10 lines)

Telex: 84903

Fax: (0792)431726


Mr R. Hughes 8 August 20

R. Hughes & Son Ltd.

21 Mead Road


Glamorgan 3ST1DR


Dear Mr Hughes,

Account No. OS668S3 01362

I am writing to inform you that you now have an overdraft of £158.63 on your current account.

I allowed your last credit transfer to Homemakers Ltd. to pass as you have a large credit balance on your deposit account. But I would point out that we cannot allow overdraft facilities unless you make a formal arrangement with the bank. If you would like to do this, please contact me and we can discuss it. Alternatively, would you make sure that your current account is in credit? Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

D. Collis



R. Hughes & Son Ltd.

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