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Requirements for granting credit

Credit facilities will only be granted by a supplier if the customer can satisfy one or more of certain requirements.



Credit may be given to firms which have an established reputation, i.e. are well-known nationally or internationally.


Long-term trading association

If a customer has been trading with a supplier over a period of time and has built up a good relationship with the supplier by, for example, settling accounts promptly, he may be able to persuade his supplier to grant him credit facilities on this basis alone.



Normally, however, when asking for credit, a customer will supply references, i.e. the names of concerns or companies which will satisfy the supplier that the customer is reputable and credit-worthy. Banks will supply references, though these tend to be brief, stating what the company's capital is and who its directors are. Trade associations, i.e. organizations which represent the company's trade or profession, also tend to give brief references telling the enquirer how long the company has been trading and whether it is a large or small firm. References can also be obtained from the customer's business associates, the commercial departments of embassies, and so on.


Asking for credit




In the opening paragraph of a letter asking for credit facilities, it is best to go straight to the point and specify what form of credit you are looking for.

I am writing to ask if it would be possible for us to have credit facilities in the form of payment by 60-day bill of exchange.

Thank you for your catalogue and letter. As there was no indication of your credit terms could you let me know if you would allow us to settle on monthly statements?

We appreciate your answering our enquiry so promptly. As I pointed out in my letter to you, our suppliers usually allow us open account facilities with quarterly settlements, and I hope that this method of payment will be acceptable to you a/so.



Convincing your supplier

As mentioned above, your supplier will only grant credit if he is convinced that

you will not default. So mention your previous dealings with the supplier.

As we have been dealing with you for more than a year we feel that you know us well enough to grant our request.

We believe we have established our reliability with you over the past six months and would now like to settle accounts on a quarterly basis.

During the past few months of our transactions we have always settled promptly, and therefore we feel we can ask for better credit facilities from you.

Mention your reputation, and, of course, offer references.

We are a well-established firm and can offer references if necessary.

We can certainly pay on the due dates, but if you would like confirmation concerning our credit-worthiness then please contact any of the following who will act as our referees:.

We deal with most of our suppliers on a quarterly settlement basis and you may contact any of those listed below for a reference.



We hope you will consider our request favourably and look forward to your reply.

Please follow up the references we have submitted. We look forward to your confirmation that payment by 30-day bill of exchange is acceptable.

As soon as we receive your confirmation that you will allow the open account facilities we have asked for, we will send our next order.


Replying to requests for credit



Agreeing to credit

If the supplier does not think it necessary to take up references, he may grant credit immediately.

As we have been trading for over a year references will not be necessary and you may clear your accounts by 30-day bill of exchange which will be sent to Burnley's Bank (Queens Building, Cathays Park, Cardiff CF1 9UJ) with shipping documents for your acceptance.

We are pleased to inform you that the credit facilities you asked for are acceptable, and knowing the reputation of your company there will be no need for us to contact any referees. Just to confirm what has been agreed -settlement will be made against monthly statements. We look forward to receiving your next order.

If references are considered necessary, however, the supplier will acknowledge the request (see 8.4.4) and then reply in full when references have been received.

We have now received the necessary references and are pleased to say that from your next order payment can be made on a quarterly basis against statements.

The referees you gave us have replied and we are able to tell you that as from next month you may settle your account on a documents against acceptance basis by 60 d/s B/E.

Refusing credit

When refusing credit facilities, the writer must explain why he is turning the request down. There may be a number of reasons for this. It might be uneconomical for him to offer credit facilities; he may not trust the customer, i.e. the customer has a bad reputation for settling accounts; or it might just be a policy of his company not to give credit. Whatever the reason, the reply must be worded carefully so as not to offend the customer.

Thank you for your letter of 9 November in which you asked to be put on open account terms. Unfortunately, we never allow credit facilities to customers until they have traded with us for over a year. We really are sorry that we cannot be more helpful in this case.

We regret that we are unable to offer open account terms to customers as our products are competitively priced and with small profit margins it is uneconomical to allow credit facilities.

We are sorry that we cannot offer credit facilities of any kind at present owing to rising inflation. However, perhaps if things settle in future we may be able to reconsider your request.

We have considered your request for quarterly settlements, but feel that, with our competitive pricing policy which /eaves only small profit margins, it would be uneconomical to allow credit on your present purchases. However, if you can offer the usual references and increase your purchases by at least fifty per cent perhaps we can reconsider the situation.


Sometimes a supplier will not offer as much credit as the customer wants but will negotiate a compromise.

I regret that we cannot offer you credit for as long as three months, since this would be uneconomical for us. However, I am prepared to offer you settlement against monthly statements. Perhaps you will let me know if this would be acceptable.

Though we do not usually offer credit facilities, we would be prepared to consider partial credit. In this case you would pay half your invoices on a cash basis, and the rest by 30-day bill of exchange. If this arrangement suits you, please contact us.



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