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Third requests (Final Demands)

Review the situation from the time the account should have been paid.

We have written you two letters on 22 September and 19 October, and have sent copies of the outstanding invoices with them, but have not received either a reply or remittance.

I have written to you twice, on 8 May and 4 June, concerning your balance of £934.85 which has been outstanding since April, but as yet, have not received a reply.

I am writing to you about your June account which I had hoped you would have cleared by now. On 5 July and 12 August, I sent letters with copies of invoices and statements, asking you to clear the balance or at least offer an explanation of why you have not sent a remittance.

Explain that you have been patient.

When we arranged terms, we offered you payment against monthly statements, yet it has been three months since you wrote promising the account would be cleared. We now assume that you have no intention of clearing the balance.

We had expected this matter to have been settled at least two months ago, but you have shown no indication of co­operating with us.

Let the customer know what you intend to do, but do not threaten legal action unless you intend to take it, as it will make you look weak and indecisive. In the two examples below legal action is not threatened.

We feel that you have been given sufficient time to clear this balance and now insist on payment within the next ten days.

We must now press you to clear this outstanding account. Please send your remittance immediately.

In the next two examples legal action is threatened. Notice the language used to do this. Do not use obscure language (e.g. 'We will take other steps' or 'We will use other methods to enforce payment'), and do not try to sound like a lawyer (e.g. 'Unless payment is forthcoming, we will have to take steps to enforce our claims'). A direct statement will produce better results.

We were disappointed that you did not bother to reply to either of our letters asking you to clear your account, and you have left us no alternative but to take legal action.

We are giving you a further seven days to send your remittance after which the matter will be dealt with by our solicitors.


D. van Basten SA

Heidelberglaan 2, Postbus 80.115, NL-3508 TC, Utrecht

Telephone: (31) 30-532 044 Telefax (31) 30-581 617


The Director 15 January 20—

DVB Industries GmbH

Correnstrasse 250

D-4000 Munster


Dear Mr Schubert,

I am sorry that we were not able to clear your November statement for $3,850 and December invoice, No. 7713 for $289. We had intended to pay the statement as usual, but a large cash shipment to one of our customers in Australia was part of the cargo destroyed in the fire on the SS Tippa when she docked in Bombay in late November.

Our insurance company have promised us compensation within the next few weeks, and once we have received this the account will be paid in full.

We know you will appreciate the situation and hope you can bear with us until the matter is settled.

Yours sincerely,

D. van Basten




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