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Clayfield, Burnley BB10 IRQ


Tel: 0315 46125 Telex: 8801773 Fax: 0315 63182 Registered No. 716481 VAT Registered No. 133 5341 08 Your ref: 180/MB


Mrs L. Lowe 10 June 20

Sanders & Lowe Ltd.

Planter House

Princes Street

London EC 1 7DQ


Dear Mrs Lowe,

It was a pleasure to receive your letter today, and we are enclosing the catalogue and price-list you asked for.

You will see that we can offer a wide selection of dinner and tea services ranging from the rugged 'Greystone' earthenware-breakfast sets, to the delicate 'Ming' bone china dinner service,

You can choose from more than fifty designs which include the elegance of Wedgwood, the delicate pattern of Willow, and the richness of Brownstone glaze.

We would be pleased to add your clients to our list of customers throughout the world and could promise them an excellent product with a first-class service. We would be glad to accept orders for any number of pieces, and can mix sets if required.

You will see that our prices are quoted c.i.f, to Eastern Canadian seaboard ports and we are offering a special 10% discount off all net prices, with delivery within three weeks from receipt of order.

If there is any further information you require, please contact us, and once again thank you for your letter.

Yours sincerely,

J. Merton (Mr)

Sales Manager




place du 20 aout 79 B-4000 Liege

Tel: (32) 49-240886

Telecopie: (32) 49-16592


The Chief Buyer 11 March 20 -


Rua das Ameixoeiras 1291



Dear Mr Monteiro,

Thank you for your enquiry, but I regret to say that we have run out of our stock of 153 and 157 units and do not expect another delivery until later this month.

At present we are testing a consignment recently imported from Taiwan, but these do not have a Belgian Standards Institute stamp of approval and we would like to test them thoroughly before putting them on the market. Nevertheless, if we find they are satisfactory, or we get a delivery of 153s/ 7s from our manufacturers we will contact you at once.

Yours sincerely,

D. Charcot




Offer of an alternative

The wholesaler is out of stock of the adapters that his customer has asked for, so he is offering a substitute. However, he has not yet tested the new product and knows nothing about its performance or safety.



1 What is M. Charcot's problem?

2 How does he show his customer that he is concerned about safety?

3 Why is safety particularly important in this case?

4 Does M. Charcot rely on his customer to write to him again?

5 Can M. Charcot still get the units he asked for?

6 Which organization establishes safety regulations in Belgium?



Quotation of terms

This is a reply to the general enquiry at 3.3.4. in which Mr Crane of F. Lynch & Co. asked for certain concessions. Notice how, in the reply, Mr Causio of Satex does not turn down the requests but suggests a counter-offer.



1 How does Mr Causio confirm that he can supply the sweaters?

2 Does Mr Causio agree to all Mr Crane's requests concerning discounts?

3 How does Mr Causio suggest that the method of payment could be changed in the future?

4 What enclosures have been made?

5 What sort of payment does Mr Causio ask for?

6 How does Mr Causio suggest his firm deals internationally?

7 What expression does he use to say his firm has different clothes in different styles?

8 Which words in the letter correspond to the following: bulk discount; bill paid on presentation; clothes; reconsider; discount?


Satex S.p.A.

Via di Pietra Papa, 00146 Roma

Telefono; Roma 769910

Telefax: (06) 681 5473

Telex: 285136


Mr L. Crane, Chief Buyer F. Lynch & Co. Ltd. Nesson House Newell Street Birmingham B3 3EL UNITED KINGDOM   Vs.nf.: Inq C351 Ns.nf.: D/1439 21 February 20  


Dear Mr Crane,

We are pleased to receive your enquiry, and to hear that you liked our range of sweaters,

There would certainly be no trouble in supplying you from our wide selection of garments which we make for all age groups.

We can offer you the quantity discount you asked for which would be 5% off net prices for orders over £2,000, but the usual allowance for a trade discount in Italy is 15%, and we always deal on payment by sight draft, cash against documents. However, we would be prepared to review this once we have established a firm trading association with you.

Enclosed you will find our summer catalogue and price-list quoting prices c.i.f. London.

We are sure you will find a ready sale for our products in England as have other retailers throughout Europe and America, and we do hope we can reach an agreement on the terms quoted.

Thank you for your interest; we look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours sincerely,


D. Causio




54-59 Riverside, Cardiff CF1 1JW


Telephone: 10222149721 Registered No. C135162

Telex: 38217


24 November 20

R. Hughes & Son Ltd.

21 Mead Road


Glamorgan 3ST 1DR


Dear Mr Hughes,

It was nice to hear from you again, and to learn that our products are selling well in Swansea and that your customers have become interested in our new do-it-yourself range,

You can certainly have the assembly kits you asked for (Cat. No. KT31) and there will be no need to wait until you receive another delivery;

I will tell my driver to drop them off on his next delivery to Swansea which will be on Monday.

The provisional order, No. B1463, which you enclosed will be sufficient, but would you return any part of the consignment you have not sold within two months?

I look forward to your next order, and hope to see you when I come to Swansea in December.

Yours sincerely,

R. Cliff



Goods on approval

As we saw in 3.3.5, these two firms know one another quite well, so Mr Cliff does not find it necessary to ask for references or a guarantor before allowing Mr Hughes the goods on approval. A provisional order is enough to confirm that Mr Hughes has asked for the goods, and the driver will get him to sign a delivery note, once he has brought the consignment, as further proof that Mr Hughes has received them.


4.3.7 An estimate

This illustrates an estimate sent in tabulated form in the body of a letter. It is a reply to the letter at 3.3.6.


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