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1. In age of language wars, political victory often flows from victory in the battles over terminology. The argument embedded in the term the homelessness that people on the street suffer primarily from a lack of shelter turned out to be wrong. The dominant problems were mental illness and addiction, but the language used kept pointing policy in another direction.

2. Journalists are urged to avoid referring to African tribes because this offends many blacks (who are more often African American). Escimos disappear because they are not a homogenous group and may view the term Escimo negatively.

3. The goal of the political correctness revolutionaries on campus is the removal of any racism, sexism, class elitism, and even lookism, the practice of treating people differently because of their looks.

4. Deaf culture has always considered the label deaf as an affirmative statement of group membership and not insulting or disparaging in any way. The term now often substitituted for the term deaf, hearing-impaired, was developed to include people with hearing loss due to aging, accidents, and other causes. While more accurate for those uses, and less offensive from the perspective of the mainstream culture, it can be considered highly deregotary by the deaf culture.

5. The Commission for Racial Equality was demanding that Winsler and Owen should condemn the firms racist recruitment in France, where High Street spokespeople had been picked, allegedly, on the basis of skin colour.

6. He spent the whole night in a plastic chair next to a barfing bag-lady waiting to find out what was going to happen.

7. If work with seriously disadvantaged people is complex and takes time, should we not acknowledge this and plan and fund it accordingly?

8. They have little trouble reaching the retired and full-time home-makers, they have a hard time pinning down young adults, working women and high-income people.

9. Incoming college students are increasingly disengaged from the academic experience, according to the latest national survey of college freshmen. This is a rather daintly way of saying that compared with freshman a decade or so ago, current students are more easily bored and considerably less willing to work hard.

10. Just because shes homeless and has mental health difficulties doesnt mean she wants to hurt anyone.

11. Over the last six months Ive run across half a dozen companies in the midst of downsizing whose managers actually believed they must keep impending layoffs secret until a properly worded announcement could be drafted. The people about to be pinkslipped were no dummies, however, they could see that business was less than robust, and they knew something was about to happen.

12. Many linguists believe that the ways in which we see the world may be influenced by the kind of language we use. In its strong form, the hypotheses states that, for example, sexist language promotes sexist thought.

13. The members of the organization work in nurseries and playrooms in childrens hospitals, in the golden age clubs and community hospitals.

14. There are no euphemisms in Dutch for being old no senior citizen, no golden ager.

15. A cartoon shows a man saying to himself: I used to think I was poor. Then they told me I wasnt poor, I was needy. They told me it was selfdefeating to think of myself as needy. I was deprived. Then they told me underprivileged was overused. I was disadvantaged. I still dont have a dime. But I have a great vocabulary (W. Safire. Safires Political Dictionary)

16. You had two DIs on the case originally, several DSs, God knows how many DCs and PCs and WPCs. No such thing now. All women are PCs no sex discrimination these days.

17. You think he was off to the rubbish dump? Couldve been. Waste Reception Area, by the way, sir.

18. Disabilities, like many sad concomitants of life, are often cloaked in euphemisms. Thus it is that the blind and the deaf are happily no longer among us. Instead, in their respective clinics, we know our fellow out-patients as those affected by impaired vision and as citizens with a serious hearing impediment.


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