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Переведите следующие предложения, обращая особое внимание на перевод названий и имен собственных.


1. Shares ended slightly lower as edginess about the impact of the credit market turmoil persisted, but big gains in Nestle and Bayer limited losses.

2. Japan assigned the accident a level four rating, making it the country’s worst nuclear accident, but IAEA officials said the rating might be increased once the off-site impact had been assigned.

3. Several multi-billion-pound private equity takeovers have taken place, such as Cerberus’s acquisition of Carmaker Chrysler from Daimler.

4. Manchester United and Chelsea have launched Mandarin-language websites to appeal to millions of mainland Chinese, and United alone estimate that they have well over 20m fans in China.

5. Platinum and palladium fell in London after Nissan Motors announced new technology that may slash demand for the metals used in catalytic converters.

6. A group called People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has asked Governor Mario Cuomo to close down Commonwealth Enterprises, a foie grass producer in the Hudson Valley.

7. Liverpool John Lennon is even charging £2 for anyone who wants to use a special fast track check-in with four lanes – while those not willing to pay have to share two.

8. ITV, the commercial broadcaster, said it increased its adult watching by 23 per cent.

9. Ali Larter plays Marigold, an actress from LA.

10. The Harrow campus has a high-tech information resources centre with new facilities for the highly rated media studies course.

11. According to the report, a landmine destroyed an RAF Hercules in Afghanistan.

12. The figurines are targeted at parents who believe their offspring would rather spend a rainy afternoon toying with plastic dolls of Samson or Jesus, than Spiderman or the Transformers. There is a set of 3-inch figures based on Daniel’s in the lion’s den for about $7 and other religious toys. Religious products have become a multi-million-dollar business.

13. The modern wearable lines that we have come to expect from the American designers, still shone through Ralph Lauren, Donna Karan and Calvin Klein, but in the main it was nostalgic glamour that took centre stage in the Big Apple.

14. A Dalmatian entered, wandered about and fell into a heap in front of the electric heater.

15. According to the WHO, an Internet-based publicity campaign by an antiabortion group, Human Life International, threw vaccination efforts in Mexico and Nicaragua into disarray by claiming that tetanus toxoid vaccines were being spiked with an anti-fertility drug.

16. Matsushita Electronic Industrial tumbled 5 per cent after Nokia said it would recall 46 million batteries made by Matsushita that are used in its mobile phones.

17. Win – full name Windson Horne – looked like his name. The poster boy for the quintessential WASP.

18. The players took the court. They too were billboards only smaller. Duane wore Nike sneakers and clothes. He used a Head tennis racket. Logos for McDonald’s and Sony adorned his sleeves. His opponent wore Reebok. His logos featured Sharp Electronics and Bic. Bic. The pen and razor company. Like someone was going to watch a tennis match, see the logo, and buy a pen.

19. This was at the high tide of Thatcherism, and the last few months had seen a series of aggressive measures: a radical cutting-back of the Welfare State announced in June, the GLC abolished in July, the BBC forced to abandon a documentary featuring interviews with Sinn Fein leaders.

20. The conference at which the Prince spoke was organized by Regeneration Through Heritage.


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