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Complete the sentences using appropriate verb form.

1. She (to input) the sales figures into the spreadsheet the whole day


2. She (to scroll) down to the bottom of the screen.

3. and (to chart; to plot) (to be) important tools

which (to use) in business presentations.

4. He (to change) his mind and (to decline) the company's


5. Electronic transactions (to become) more and more popular among

ordinary people.

6. His new version of the program (to be) rather slow because he (to

expand) it with new functionalities.

7. They still (to design) the spreadsheet which (to show) all of

the costs, income and expenditure.

8. He (to distract) from the task at hand by the phone calls.

9. They (to develop) the integrated system program for 2 months.

Choose the best word.



1. A basic spreadsheet is a __________ of spaces for data.

a.grid b.cage c.ladder


2. A spreadsheet consists of columns and __________.

a.lengths b.lines c.rows


3. A spreadsheet grid is called a worksheet. A file containing one or more worksheets is

called a __________.

a.workout b.work c.workbook


4. In the worksheet above, the __________ cell is in column B, row 3.

a.important b.active c.focus


5. Use the mouse pointer to select a single cell or _________ of cells.

a.bunch b.group c.block


6. It's easy to adjust the column __________.

a.size b.width c.space


7. Spreadsheets can perform mathematical __________.

a.calculations b.deductions c.jobs


8. To get a worksheet to perform a mathematical calculation, you have to enter a


aformat b.form c.formula


9. A number in a spreadsheet cell is often called a __________.

a.digit b.numeral c.value


10. To remove the contents of a cell is to __________ that cell.

a.clean b.wash c.clear


11. To remove a complete row is to __________ that row.

a.wipe b.delete c.erase


12. Changing the fonts, colours etc. of a spreadsheet is called __________.

a.formatting b.forming c.reforming

13. Choose the best words from each underlined pair.

Three useful features in Microsoft Excel:

  • Cells can contain 1 text / language, numerical 2 values / detailsand formulas. It's also possible to add pop-up comment 3 boxes / squarescontaining additional information (choose Commentfrom the Insertmenu).
  • The Filland Autofillcommands can be used for making multiple copies of the contents of a cell. Autofill can also be used to automatically create a 4 list / series of months, numbers etc.
  • You can improve the 5 looks / appearanceof a spreadsheet very quickly by using the AutoFormatfeature.

Add the arithmetic operator symbols to the table below.

* / ^ - +
symbol v verb noun everyday speech
add addition "five plus three equals eight"
subtract subtraction "five minus three equals two"
multiply multiplication "five multiplied by three equals fifteen" "five times three equals fifteen"
divide division "fifteen divided by three equals five"
raise to the power of "ten to the power of five is 100,000"

Retell the text.

16. Write a summary of the text.



[1] Integer basic was the BASIC interpreter of the Apple I and Apple II computers written by Steve Wozniak

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