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As a rule before I go to ... I read books.

A) home;

B) bed;

C) Institute;

D) away;

E) friends.


Weekend I get up later than usual.

A) At;

B) On;

C) Of;

D) The;

E) By.


It ... me half an hour to go to the University on foot.

A) does;

B) makes;

C) takes;

D) keeps;

E) asks.


Then I go to the ... where I clean my teeth, wash myself and brush my hair.

A) my room;

B) bathroom;

C) sitting room;

D) dining room;

E) kitchen.


I dont want ... for the first lesson so I come a few minutes before the bell.

A) to be ill;

B) to be fond;

C) to be late;

D) to be interested;

E) to be proud.


After classes I go ... and have dinner there.

A) at home;

B) to home;

C) home;

D) to the house;

E) in the home.


When I have ... I try to do my best to meet with my friends.

A) few time;

B) free time;

C) many time;

D) a few time;

E) a free time.


Eight oclock a.m. is ... time in our family.

A) breakfast;

B) dinner;

C) supper;

D) lunch;

E) 5 oclock tea.


When do you leave home ... work?

A) at;

B) for;

C) to;

D) in;

E) into.


What I do on my days off realy depends ... what the weather is like.

A) at;

B) on;

C) in;

D) to;

E) of.


The left of the wall unit there is a corner-sofa with two armchairs.

A) At;

B) In;

C) To;

D) Near;

E) On.


The opposite corner there is a TV-set with a video and tape-recorder.

A) At;

B) In;

C) To;

D) Near;

E) On.


You can see a lovely carpet ... the middle ... the room.

A) on / in;

B) of / at;

C) in / of;

D) at / in;

E) of / of.


We are looking ... a flat with all modern conveniences.

A) at;

B) in;

C) after;

D) for;

E) out.


My flat is ... the third floor.

A) at;

B) in;

C) to;

D) on;

E) of.


Where do you keep your clothes?

A) sofa-bed;

B) side-board;

C) wardrobe;

D) cupboard;

E) bedside table.


Where do you usually have meals?

A) bedroom;

B) living-room;

C) study;

D) kitchen;

E) entrance hall.


Where do people hang their clothes?

A) hall-stand;

B) mirror;

C) arm-chair;

D) sofa;

E) door.


... there white curtains on the windows?

A) Is;

B) Are;

C) Have;

D) Has;

E) Was.


I live ... a new 9-storeyed block ... flats ... Chockin Street.

A) on / of / on;

B) at / at / of;

C) in / of / in;

D) in / at / at;

E) of / of / on.


My room... a green park and has a lot of sunshine.

A) looks;

B) sees;

C) overlooks;

D) is;

E) shows.


I spend most of my time in my bedroom which I use ... a study.

A) like;

B) as;

C) how;

D) look like;

E) looks.


East or West ... is best.

A) house;

B) flat;

C) home;

D) block of flats;

E) room.


An Englishman house is his ... .

A) work;

B) hobby;

C) castle;

D) residence;

E) box.


I know . story.

A) interesting;

B) interestinger;

C) more interesting;

D) the most interesting;

E) interestingest.


It is the . way.

A) long;

B) longest;

C) longer;

D) more long;

E) the most long;


His work is . important than her work.

A) important;

B) the most important;

C) more important;

D) as important as;

F) so important as.


English is . German.

A) so difficult as;

B) as difficult as;

C) more difficulter than;

D) difficult as;

E) difficult.


Kate is not nice Ann.

A) is as;

B) asas;

C) soas;

D) is than;

F) sothan.


Mike is not tall Pete.

A) so as;

B) is as;

C) is than;

D) asas;

E) is than.


I hope Mike will be than we were.

A) most luckier;

B) more lucky;

C) lucky;

D) most lucky;

E) luckier.


It is to cross the river in this place than over there.

A) less dangerous;

B) little dangerous;

C) dangerous;

D) little dangerous;

E) much dangerous.


She was than Roy.

A) short;

B) shortest;

C) shorter;

D) more shorter;

E) the most shortest.


The bill is not as I thought it would be.

A) such expensive;

B) expensive;

C) more expensive;

D) so expensive;

E) the most expensive.


They live from school than we do.

A) farther;

B) more far;

C) farthest;

D) as far as;

E) far.


In the competition I was nervous and played than usual.

A) worst;

B) badly;

C) worse;

D) as badly;

E) as badly as.


Some car engines work than others.

A) more efficiently;

B) efficient;

C) most efficient;

D) more efficient;

E) most efficient.


I would be . if you could answer my letter.

A) cheerful;

B) glad;

C) good;

D) kind;

E) bad.


Which is .: the United States or Canada?

A) large;

B) larger;

C) largest;

D) the largest;

E) more large.


What is the name of the . Port in the USA?

A) bigger;

B) the biggest;

C) big;

D) biggest;

E) the most biggest.


The new cinema in our district is . than the old one.

A) more bigger;

B) much bigger;

C) so big;

D) as big;

E) little bigger.


He is one of the criminals in the world.

A) most dangerous;

B) much dangerous;

C) more dangerous;

D) little dangerous;

E) dangerous.


Nevsky Prospect is. . . than our street.

A) more much beautiful;

B) much more beautiful;

C) as more beautiful;

D) so much beautiful;

E) such as beautiful.


Our house is not yours.

A) so big as;

B) as big so;

C) such big as;

D) such big so;

E) as big as.


That is the . story I have ever heard.

A) funnier;

B) funniest;

C) the funniest;

D) funny;

E) more funnier.


The tram system is not . .. it is used to be.

A) so reliable as;

B) such reliable as;

C) as reliable as;

D) more reliable than;

E) so reliable so.


What is your weight? You are than me.

A) taller;

B) tallest;

C) tall;

D) more taller;

E) the tallest.
124 She felt as her brother.

A) so strong as;

B) strong as;

C) so strong so;

D) more strong than;

E) much stronger than.


He was than I.

A) good;

B) best

C) well;

D) better;

E) worst.


This student is .. in our group.

A) attentive;

B) more attentive;

C) less attentive;

D) most attentive.

E) the most attentive.


I need .. coat.

A) a warmer;

B) warme;

C) the warmer;

D) the warmest;

E) more warm;


He is .. you.

A) so tired as;

B) as tired as;

C) so tired as;

D) such tired as;

E) more tired as.


late than never.

A) best;

B) good;

C) better;

D) the best;

E) the better.


He was one of .. workers at the factory.

A) the more experienced;

B) more experienced;

C) the most experienced;

D) most experienced;

E) less experienced.


She was not her mother.

A) as attractive as;

B) such attractive as;

C) as attractive so;

D) so attractive as;

E) more attractive as.


His work is not mine.

A) so difficult as;

B) as difficult as;

C) such difficult as;

D) so difficult so;

E) so difficult so.


He was . in the family.

A) the eldest;

B) eldest;

C) older;

D) the oldest;

E) old.


It is to swim in the sea than in the river.

A) easy;

B) more easier;

C) easier;

D) most easier;

E) easiest.


This is room in the flat.

A) small;

B) smaller;

C) the smallest;

D) smallest;

E) the most smallest.


We should eat food.

A) healthier;

B) healthiest;

C) the most healthy;

D) more healthier;

E) healthy.


Today the streets are not they used to be.

A) as clean as;

B) so clean as;

C) as cleaner than;

D) so cleaner than;

E) such clean as.


Mary is a student than Lucy.

A) good;

B) worst;

C) the better;

D) better;

E) the best.


Which is . place in this part of the country?

A) beautiful;

B) the most beautiful;

C) more beautiful;

D) beautifuler;

E) beautifulest.


Today the weather is . than it was yesterday.

A) most cold;

B) more cold;

C) coldest;

D) cold;

E) colder.


This book is of all I have read this year.

A) interesting;

B) more interesting;

C) the most interesting;

D) most interesting;

E) interestinger.


She is not fond of sports my brother is.

A) as\so;

B) so\as;

C) such\as;

D) so\so;

E) as\as.


Her eyes are than mine.

A) greyer;

B) greyest;

C) more grey;

D) the most grey;

E) greier.


He was. man in the village.

A) fat;

B) fattest;

C) fater;

D) fatest;

E) the fattest.


As he went on, the box became and .

A) heavy \ heavy;

B) heavyier \ heavyier;

C) heavier \ heavier;

D) heavier \ heavy;

E) heavy \ heavyier.


Who is student in your group?

A) attentive;

B) more attentive;

C) most attentive;

D) the most attentive;

E) the more attentive.


It is autumn. Every day the air becomes ., the leaves .

A) cold \ yellow;

B) colder \ yellower;

C) the colder \ yellower;

D) colder \ the yellower;

E) coldest \ yellowest.


This is the view I have ever seen in my life.

A) beautiful;

B) more beautiful;

C) most beautiful;

D) as beautiful as;

E) beautiful as.

Your handwriting is now than it was last year.

A) better;

B) the best;

C) good;

D) gooder;

E) goodest.


Your handwriting is not Nicks handwriting.

A) better;

B) good;

C) the best;

D) as good as;

E) so good as.


And, of course, Nellie has the handwriting of all.

A) better;

B) the best;

C) as good as;

D) so good as;

E) good.


Oil is than water.

A) light;

B) the lightest;

C) lighter;

D) lightest;

E) more light.


Im my little sister.

A) busier than;

B) busyer than;

C) more busier;

D) the more busier;

E) most busier.


London is New York.

A) most old than;

B) more old than;

C) older than;

D) old than;

E) as old as.


Ive got a headache. Be , please.

A) quiet;

B) quieter;

C) quietest;

D) quietter;

E) quiettest.


Yesterday he started to feel .

A) more mad;

B) most bad;

C) badder;

D) worse;

E) worst.


He makes mistakes you do.

A) the more\ than;

B) most \ than;

C) many \ than;

D) the most \ than;
E) mre \ than.


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