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high, low, fair, sky-high, exorbitant, reduced, fixed, moderate, reasonable, regular, asking, market

a price for smth

to fix/set a price, to put/place a price on smth

to increse/ raise a price/ to hike (Am. col.)

to freeze, hold down, keep down, maintain prices

to reduce, cut, lower prices

prices drop/ fall/ go down

go up/ rise/ shoot up/ skyrocket



To sell for/ at. – It sold for/ at ten pounds.

To sell at a reduced price/ at a discount.

To sell it by the dozen/ piece, measure, glass, bucket, jar, packet, bunch.

To sell retail, wholesale/ in bulk.

Annual, clearance, end-of-the month sale

To sell out/ to be out of stock/ to make a sale

To sell with no guarantee as to quality.

To give/ offer discounts on all purchases


Buy To buy at a reasonable price To buy smth from smb/ she bought her car from To buy for a song (inf) a local dealer To buy next to nothing (inf) To buy on credit / on hire purchase   Pay To pay for smth in cash /by cheque/ credit card To pay a deposit and installments To pay through the nose (inf)  


THE NAMES OF THE SHOPS shop/ store mall shopping center boutique cut-price shop wholesale shop retail shop   FOOD-SHOPS grocer's / grocery confectioner's / sweet shop delicatessen / provision shop dairy butcher's / meat market greengrocery / greengrocer's fish shop baker's tobacconist's supermarket / self-service food store drive-in store telephone supermarket    

CONSUMER GOODS optician's /spectacles / optics building material store electrical supplier's china shop / earthenware / kitchenware newsagent's farm and garden supply store household (goods) shop home supply store clothing (ready-made shop) / ready-to-wear store furrier's / furs shoe shop / footwear / shoes perfumer's shop / perfumery cosmetics and toilet requisite bridal shop stationer's haberdashery / fancy goods shop photographic supplier's / photo shop antique shop auto supply store furniture store florist's / flowers jeweler's / jewelry record shop ironmonger's textile dept./drapery dept. hat dept./millinery dept. knitted goods dept. crockery and glassware dept. hosiery dept. linen and underwear dept. souvenirs dept. PERSONNEL personnel manager shopkeeper shop assistant salesperson/ -woman/ -girl/ -lady/ -man cashier seller vender trader, tradesman merchandiser roadman  



To shop for

To do/go the shopping

To afford the best of the kind

To make/ draw a shopping list

Window display/ showcase/ counter/ window dresser

Label, tag, sales slip, receipt

To be on display/ to be accurately arranged

To have a wide/ scanty choice of/ assortment

To stock a wide variety of goods to attract customers

To meet the growing customer’s demand

To be in a great demand with the public

Goods in short supply

There was such a run for smth

To be good at bargaining

To bargain/ with/ about/

To prevent shop-lifting

Burglar-proof safe


I What's on sale? Do you happen to have...? Have you ... on sale? What is the price of this? What do you charge for it? What is it worth? How much does it cost? How much will you take? What's the cost including delivery? Have you anything a little cheaper? What can you recommend? Could you give me some advice? Can you wrap it up? Il Are you being served? What can I do for you? What can I show you? We have no ... on saleat present. We have run short of.... We are expecting a new consignment of...directly. You must pay to the cashier. It costs something like 10 pounds. We sell at fixed prices. The price is indicated on the price ticket. Do you want them delivered? I shall change it immediately. This folder will describe it for you.



I. My stock of supplies has run short. I have run out of... I want to get in a new supply of... You get top quality when you do your ownshopping.   II. to wrap up / to unwrap to put smth on the scales to measure off a litre It didn't tip the scales at 500 gr. Would you mind adding it up for me? What does it come up to altogether? You haven't given me the right change. III. to call at/ to drop in to the butcher’s to run out of smth to run short of smth to stock up to be well stocked to buy/ sell smth loose to sell smth by weight/ the head to play a trick on a customer to be cheated by the salesman



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