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Complete the sentences with the Past Simple or the Present Perfect of the verb in brackets.

Say what has happened in each situation. Use the words in brackets and the Present Perfect.

1. Your bike is not where you left it. (somebody/take/my bike)

2. The garage door was closed; now it is open. (somebody/open/the garage door)

3. There are no biscuits in the cupboard. (somebody/eat/all the biscuits)

4. The kitchen window was all right; now it is smashed. (somebody/break/the kitchen window)

5. Mary's watch is not where she left it. (somebody/steal/Mary's watch)

6. Your orange juice was in the fridge; it isn't there now. (somebody/drink/my orange juice)

7. Your shoes are not where you left them. (somebody/take/my shoes)


5. Monica Clarke is a home health aide. Read her list of things to do. She has checked all the things she's already done. Ask and answer questions about the words in parentheses ().

Monday, March 29

ümake breakfast for pt.

make lunch for pt.

ütake pt.'s temperature

give pt. a bath

üchange pt.'s bandages

ügo food shopping

do the laundry

call doctor for the blood-test results

exercise pt.'s legs

ügive pt. medication

1. (breakfast) / 2. (lunch) / 3. (food shopping) / 4. (medication) / 5. (doctor) / 6. (bandages) / 7. (bath) / 8. (temperature) / 9. (laundry) / 10. (legs)








10. In the brackets, the first year is when the person was born. If there is a second year, it is when the person died. Put the verbs into the Past Simple or the Present Perfect.

1. Susan Cowley (1947- ) is an artist. She (paint) in many different styles and she (have) exhibitions in 14 countries.

2. Timothy Spinks (1846-1927) was a biologist. He (study) the plants of New Zealand, and he (write) several books on biology.

3. Claire Fox (1957- ) is a doctor. She (develop) new treatments for several diseases, and she (make) several TV programmes about medicine.

4. Catherine Knight (1824-1883) was a nurse. She (work) mainly with soldiers, and she (spend) most of her life trying to improve their lives.

5. Steven Brock (1963- ) is a golf player. He (win) several competitions, and he (earn) a lot of money from advertising different products.

Complete the sentences with the Past Simple or the Present Perfect of the verb in brackets.

1. (be) There ________a lot of accidents last year, and there ________ a lot this year, too.

2. (see) I ________ Jane today, but I ________her yesterday.

3. (win) Our team is very good. We ____two competitions last year, and we _____two this year as well.

4. (make) The factory________ more than 1,000 motorbikes this year; it________ not so many last year.

5. (be) I'm worried about Mary. She_______ ill last week, and she________ ill most of this week as well.

6. (work) Joe________ not________ hard last month, but he________ hard this month.

7. (earn) I________ a lot of money this year - much more than I________ last year.

8. (rain) It________ not________ much last year here, and it________ not much this year, either.

13. Write either since or for in the blanks.

1. I haven't seen my brother _____ 6 months. I haven't seen my sister _____ April.

2. My wife and I have moved three times _____ we got married.

3. We've lived here _____ three years, but we're going to move again soon.

4. The Smiths have lived here _____ a long time. They've lived here _____ 1980.

5. My sister's husband got a job on a fishing boat in Alaska. He's been there _____ eleven weeks, but he should be coming home soon.

6. The International Olympic Games have continued almost without interruption _____ 1896.

7. The world has enjoyed Beethoven's music _____ nearly 200 years.

8. They have been married _____ last summer.

9. The first sections of the Great Wall of China have endured ___a long time. They have endured _____ more than 2,200 years.

10. Overall, Ed hasn't learned very much _____ the term began. He needs to study harder.

11. The clock on the campus tower hasn't moved _____ 3:13 on March 2, 1966.

12. Nobody has been able to fix the clock _____ that time.

13. Argentina won the World Cup in 1986 for the second time _____ the cup was first awarded in 1930. Soccer is a popular sport there.

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