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Individual approach

Didactics studies general ways of teaching in schools. Methods of FLT may be considered special didactics because it deals with ways of teaching FL-s. Thats why general principles of didactics influence on FLT. Lets analyse them:

Scientific approach Methods of FLT is a science and is based on scientifically tested theories. Each method, each technique should be proved and pass numerous experiments.

Approach Theoretical positions and beliefs about the nature of language, the nature of language learning ().

Accessibility . So we have already told that the main aim of teaching and learning a FL is communicative. Thats why teaching material should be arranged in a most suitable way for the purpose. Teachers should take into consideration students age, level and interest.

Durability , . The ability of students to keep in their memory the material they learned and be ready to use it whenever they need for oral and written communication. This principle may be achieved by:

- Vivid presentation of the material

- By constant revision or drill

- By using it in communication

Conscious approach understanding of language material by the students, what they learn, why they learn it and where and how they should use it. This principle contrasts with mechanical learning, with drilling.

The principle of Visualization is very important in FLT. Not all people can allow themselves to go to the country which language they study. Thats why its very useful to use video films, cassettes, disks, pictures in TFL to get acquainted with the culture of native speakers, with their speech, intonation. The use of audio-visual materials makes your lesson colourful and interesting.

Individual approach The teacher should pay attention to the progress of each student. We have different abilities in acquiring a foreign language: some students learn faster but may forget easily, others understand slower. The teacher should find the way how to motivate the fastest and make the slowest not to lose interest in learning a FL. But it should be said that to use this principle the teacher should know the class and the students very well.

(There are other principles but we discussed the most important in FLT. For seminar you may present some other principles).

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