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Words and word combination

Job and career


To look for a job

To be job hunting

An application form

To apply for a job

To have a lot of experience

To get the job

Temporary job

Permanent job

Part-time job

Full-time job

Nine-to-five job

first/main occupation

flexible working hours

to work flexi time

to do shift work

miserable pay

good salary


to earn/make good money


to earn a living

to ask for a raise

to give smb a raise/pay raise

to be fired/to get the sack

to give smb the sack

to retire

to take a day off

to employ





work/do overtime

get sick pay


income tax






What do you do? = Whatís your job? = What are you? = Whatís your trade? = whatís your occupation? = What do you do for a living?

I work at a factory/plant/on television/in a bank/ in marketing/in advertising.

I work as Ö (a teacher)

I work for + ( name of company) for Union Bank/Fiat.

Iím employed by Union Bank.

Iím self-employed.

Iím in charge of/responsible for security in the factory.

I deal with customer complaints/cars.

My job involves travelling.


- So, how was the interview?

- I havenít gone to the interview yet. Itís tomorrow. Iím so nervous.

- Donít worry. You should do fine. You have the experience.

- I hope so.

- Remember, they want someone who works well with people. You have to show them how easy-going you are!

- Thanks. Iíll keep that in mind.


- Are there any interesting jobs in the paper today?

- Well, hereís one for a tour guide. But you have to work on Saturdays and Sundays.

- I donít want to work at weekends.

- Neither do I. Oh, hereís another one for a salesperson. Itís a job of selling childrenís books.

- Sounds interesting.

- Yes, but you need a driverís license, and I canít drive.

- Oh, I can! Iíve just got my license. Whatís the phone number?

- Itís 798-3455.

- Did I tell you that I had an interview for that job that was advertised in the Times.

- No, I donít think so.

- Well, I got the job.

- Oh, really! Well-done!

- But I didnít take it.

- Why not?

- A number of things, really. The job was in central London and you know whatís it like commuting every day.

- Yes, I see.

- And the salary they were offering wasnít fantastic, less than what Iím on now.

- Right.

- On the other hand, the job itself was interesting. It involves travelling to the Far East.

- Really?

- Yeah, but then again I donít want to leave Carol on her own with children.

- I see what you mean.


- Hello. Please, come and sit down. What is your name?

- Robertson, Kevin Robertson.

- Ah, yes, Iíve got your application here. Tell me, Mr. Robertson, why have you applied for this job?

- Well, when I saw your advertisement in the paper, I thought it would be nice to work in a travel agency. Lots of trips abroad and not as much boring office work as I have to do now.

- Oh, youíve got a job now? What exactly are you doing?

- Iím working as an assistant and Iím selling furniture. But I want to leave. I have to work on Saturdays.

- Hmm. You might have to work here on Saturdays, too, you know. Next question. What sort of hobbies have you got?

- A lot of, really. I like sailing in the summer and skiing in winter.

- And your English? Whatís your English like? Can you speak it fluently?

- Iíve never been to Britain, but I did English at school.

- How much are you earning at the moment, Mr. Robertson?

- Well, thatís another reason for wanting to leave. The store is paying me only $55 a week. Thatís not good enough, is it?

- I disagree. You wouldnít get much more here in the first year. Is there anything else you would like to know about the job here?

- How many weeks holiday a year would I get?

- Three weeks in the first year. Thank you. Weíll let you know.


- Good morning, sir.

- Good morning. Come in. Mr. Klimenko, isnít it? Please take a seat. Please, fill in the application form. ÖÖÖ.. Tell me, how long have you been in your last job with Alpha?

- Five years. Iím only leaving because the firm is moving to Sevastopol.

- What do you know about our company? Have you got any questions for me?

- I know that this is a very promising company so IĎd like to know what will be the main focus in the next few years.

- We plan to expand our activities with English-speaking countries, mainly Britain. We need a team of creative people to make our company competitive in the world market.

- What will I be responsible for during the first year?

- Well, first of all for our contacts with English-speaking countries. The job will involve a lot of travelling.

- I see.

- So tell me what are your three strong features?

- I think they are reliability, loyalty and energy.

- OK. Are you a leader by nature?

- Yes, I think so.

- All right, Mr. Klimenko. Iím ready to offer you a job with us. You have excellent references from your previous job. Youíll start on $ 450 and if you do well, weíll review it after three months. The hours are from 9 to 5.30, with an hour for lunch and a fortnightís holiday. Does it suit you? Any questions?

- When do you want me to start?

- In a week, if possible.

- Iím afraid I canít start working until the 10th of October.

- No problem. Weíll be seeing you on the 10th then.

- Yes, certainly. Thank you very much. Goodbye.

- Good bye.


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