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Transform direct speech into indirect speech.

1. I said, "Iím sure he took the key by mistake."

2. You said to him, "Donít come until you finish your job.

3. "Are you going to wait for me till tomorrow?" my brother asked me.

4. He told me not to open the door of the classroom before the lesson was over.

5. "Come and see me when you pass the exams," Susan said to her friends.

6. "Have you bought a new hat?" Jane said to Ann.

7. "Have you shined your shoes?" Bill said to his son.

8. "When will you marry him?" Mary said to Jane.

9. He said that he would do it the next day.

10. My father said to me, "Why did you come home so late yesterday?"

11. The teacher said to me, "You must attend classes twice a week."

12. I said to Mary, "Do you know the way to the airport?"

13. They said to George, "Come and see us tomorrow, please."

14. He asked if he would manage to get there before it started to rain.

15. The old woman said to us, "Did you switch off the light?"

16. He said to me, "I saw John at the meeting yesterday."

17. My brother said to me, "Where are you to meet Nick?"

18. The teacher said to his pupils, "Learn this poem by heart for tomorrow."

19. I asked him if he had made many mistakes in the previous test.

20. Bob asked his brother, "Did you play football yesterday?"

21. I asked my friend, "When is Annie going to arrive?"

22. "I canít do that if you donít join me," Roy said to his friend.

23. He said, "Bob, translate the article as soon as you can."

24. I asked Kate why she hadnít taken the books back to the library yet.

25. "Who told you about his arrival?" Bill said to his friend.

26. "You didnít invite us to your place last week," my friend said to me.

27. He said to me, "Take these books to the library."

28. John said to her, "Must I give her all your money?"

29. He asked me when I had returned from London.

30. "Why didnít you come in time?" Kate said to John.

31. My landlady said, "Are you going to pay for the room?"

32. The teacher said to them, "If you want to know languages well, youíll have to work much."

33. Mother said, "Donít make so much noise, John."

34. He said that he didnít know where the boy was.

35. He said, "Did Tom meet you at the airport ten days ago?"

36. "If you arenít busy I shall invite you to the cinema," John said to me.

37. I asked Ann, "When will you wear your new dress?"

38. He said to me, "Donít let the children go out if it rains."

39. I asked my son why he had missed so many lessons.

40. Bill said to his brother, "Will you ring her up when you learn about it?"

41. Paul said, "She wants to do all the work herself but I donít think she can."

42. He said to her, "What are you going to do next weekend?"

43. Tom said, "You can use my papers if you need."

44. Helen wanted to know how many mistakes John had made in his test.

45. "Do you always have your breakfast in a hurry?" he asked John.

46. The teacher said, "We shall see a new film tomorrow."

47. I said to my friend, "Meet me at six oíclock, please."

48. "How long are you going to keep this book?" John said to Mary.

49. The doctor asked the patient if he had had headache the previous day.

50. My mother asked: "Did you see the Browns last week?"

51. "What are you laughing at, Peter?" John said.

52. "I want something to drink," Jane said to me.

53. "Change the wheel," the driver said to us.

53. My mother told me not to forget to buy ice-cream on my way home.

54. "Have you read many English books this month?" the teacher said to the students.

55. "When did you give him my address?" Kate asked them.

56. "Take me to the best hotel," John said to the driver.

57. "I know they want to go with me," I said to my daughter.

58. He said that he was taking his children to the zoo the next day.

59. He asked his friend, "Where can the students master speech habits?

60. Nick asked, "Do you find English films interesting?"

61. Ann said, "Iím sure all of us are ready to take an active part in the discussion of the book."

62. He said to me. "Give me the papers to check them again.

63. My mother asked why I had stayed at my friends so long.

64. Ann asked, "How many departments are there at your faculty?"

65. He asked Nick, "Can I borrow this book from our library?"

66. "I donít understand the rules of the game," he said to me.

67. I said to Bob: "Go and fetch some chalk."

68. John said that David hadnít had lunch.


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