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  Present Past Future  
Every day, usually, every year, seldom Yesterday, last time, last year, a week ago, when Tomorrow, next time, next year, in a week  
Simple I You We They   play write   plays writes I You We They He She     played wrote I We You will (ll)play They will (ll)write He She  
He She  
  Do I you we they     play? write?     Did I you we they he she     play? write? I we Willyou they he she     play? write?  
Does he she  
I You do notplay We (dont)write They He does notplay She (doesnt)write I You We did notplay They (didnt) write He She I We You will notplay They (wont)write He She  
  At the moment, now At that time, yesterday, at 5 oclock, when he came Tomorrow, at this time, this time, next Monday  
Progressive (be + ing form) I am     playing writing I He She was playing writing I We be playing He will (ll) She be writing You They    
You We They   are    
We You They were  
He She is    
Am I     playing? writing?   Was   I he she     playing? writing? I we be playing? Will he she be writing? you they  
Are you we they  
  Were we you they  
Is   he she  
I am not   You We are notplaying They (arent)writing He is not She (isnt) I He was not She (wasnt) playing You writing We were not They (werent)         I We He will notbe playing She (wont) be writing You They      
  Today, already, yet, this week (month, year), never, recently, since By 5 oclock, by the end of, when he came By this time, next Monday, as soon as, he came  
Prefect (have + V3) I You We They   have       played written I You We They He She     had       played written I We have played You will He have written She They  
He She has    
I Havewe you they Hashe she     played? written?     Had I we you they he she     played? written? I we played? Willyou have they written? he she  
I You have not We (havent) They played written He has not She (hasnt) I You We had notplayed They(hadnt) written He She   I We have played You will not He (wont) She have played They  
  Present Past Future  
  Present Past  
Since then, for an hour, already, for a long time How long...? Since when? Since the time when, before  
Perfect Progressive (have been + ing from) I You havebeen writing We They He hasbeen playing She I You We hadbeen playing/ writing They He She  
I we Haveyou been writing? they Hashe been playing? she I you Hadwe been playing/ writing? they he she  
I You We have not They (havent)been playing He has not been writing She (hasnt) I You We had notbeen playing They (hadnt)been writing He She  



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