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Thunder and Lightning

Do you know what lightning is? It is electricity in the air. But electricity in the air has no wires, so it jumps from one place to another.

It jumps from cloud to cloud or from a cloud to the ground. Lightning warms the air through which it goes. This makes the big noise that is thunder.


I. Supply articles where necessary.

1. John is … honest person.

2. … elephant is … largest land mammal.

3. That book is about … life of Jack London.

4. We went to a concert on … Tuesday. … music was very good.

5. Mary is wearing … beautiful ring today. It is made of … gold and … rubies. … gold in her ring was mined in Canada. … rubies came from Burma.

6. My aunt and uncle are … doctors. They work at … hospital.

7. Do you know Alfred Hard, the professor at … LondonUniversity?

8. Margaret goes to … bed early.

9. Sir Christopher Wren, … great English architect, is the creator of … St. Paul’s Cathedral.

10. W. Johnson, … Superintendent of the School, received me in his office.

II. Change the verb forms.

1. They laugh at funny films. He …

2. I often lose things. She …

3. They often drop things. She …

4. I often forget things. He …

5. They do well at school. My sister …

6. I wear old clothes at home. My brother …

7. I cry at sad films. Her mother …


III. Respond to the following.

1. I walk with my dog in any weather, and he?

2. My friend reads a lot of English books, and yours?

3. Christie never does her house alone, and her sister?

4. My father goes exercising regularly, and yours?

5. Our family often go to the country for the weekend, and yours?

6. Frank never goes to the theatre, and what about his wife?

7. I never walk alone late in the evening, and you?

IV. Choose the verb form.

1. Jane … (not/drink) coffee very often.

a) don’t drink b) doesn’t drink c) not drinks

2. What time … (the banks /close) in Britain?

a) do the banks close b) does the banks close c) the banks close

3. Where … (Colin/come) from? – He comes from Ireland.

a) do Colin comes b) does Colin come c) Colin comes

4. What … (you/do)? – I’m an artist.

a) you do b) does you do c) do you do

5. It takes me an hour to get to work. How long … (it/take) you to get to college?

a) does it take b) do it take c) it takes

6. I don’t understand this sentence. What … (this word/mean)?

a) means this word b) this word means c) does this word mean

7. The Nasarovs often … (spend/time) together.

a) spends time b) spend time c) time spends


V. Put the verbs in brackets into the correct form of the present simple or present continuous, as in the example.


Dear Meg,

1) I ...am writing... (write) to tell you about my holiday. 2) I … (stay) with my friend in Spain for two weeks. 3) It … (be) usually sunny at this time of year, but at the moment it … (rain). 4) Tomorrow morning we … (go) sightseeing and in the evening we … (plan) to go out for a nice meal. 7) We both … (enjoy) Spanish food very much. 8) I … (arrive) home next Saturday.

See you then,



Show your sympathy with the girl in love.




Spending my time, Watching the days go by. Feeling so small, I stare at the wall, Hoping that you Think of me too. I'm spending my time. I try to call But I don't know what to tell you. I leave a kiss On your answering machine. Oh, help me please, Is there someone who can make me Wake up from this dream? Spending my time, Watching the days go by. Feeling so small, I stare at the wall, Hoping that you Are missing me too. I'm spending my time. Watching the sun go down. I fall asleep To the sound of "tears of a clown", A prayer gone blind. I'm spending my time.


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