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At the restaurant

In Minsk there are plenty of restaurants, cafés, cafeterias, self-service dining-rooms, and knowing which one to choose is a difficult decision. Minsk has every kind of ethnic food: Italian, French, Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Georgian and American. Almost every Minsk restaurantcan offer you traditional Slavonic dishes such as borsch, draniki or potato flapjacks, pancakes with caviar.

You can have breakfast, dinner, lunch or supper at any restaurant. Every restaurant offers you dinners ”table d’hôte”. These meals are known as regular dinners. It means that you are served with meals of several courses, at a fixed price. “Table d’hôte” is cheaper than “table à la carte”. “Table à la carte” means such meals which are ordered course by course, from the menu card, each dish separately.

At the restaurant each little party of guests has its own table. In the evening you can see several people dancing at the far end of the room, near the orchestra. One of the waiters is standing near the table where there are cold dishes of various kinds. He is holding a tray with two wine-glasses on it. He has put the bottle of wine into the ice-bucket to keep it cool.

In summer, when it is very hot, you can also order cold, refreshing beverages, such as: soda-water, juice, lemonade or beer. In summer people also eat a lot of ice-cream.

At a restaurant you can get all kinds of meals, hot dishes as well as cold ones.

Take-away restaurants

Take-away restaurants are very popular. It is cheaper than eating in the restaurant and you can even order by phone and have all the food brought to your home.

The traditional Fish and Chip Shop is still popular but there are more and more Pizzerias and Burger Bars, too.


The “Bars” is part of the Belarusian tradition. It is a place where you can meet people, chat, listen to music, play darts and, of course, have a drink. The most common drink served is beer, but you can also choose wine, cocktails, spirits or soft (non-alcoholic) drinks. Most bars serve food, too.




Modern society has considerably influence human’s life. The quick flow of life brings many other services to meet people’s needs. Many more people choose eating out instead of cooking at home while others prefer eating at home. Each way of eating has its own advantages and disadvantages. However, If I can choose, I would like to eat my own food at home. The economic development, cities are more growth toward industrialize followed by advanced in technology, high standard of living, improved in infrastructure and of course an accountable of strongly in tourism industry. These factors have affected people lifestyle in which both men and women spend more of their time out rather than at home. More and more restaurants appear to satisfy these demands. They go restaurant for meals after a hard working day. Choosing to have social association with friends at the most comfortable and convenient places like restaurants or resorts where they can be serve with variety of foods and nice service. These would help to avoid time consuming and have more fun with friends. They would go to somewhere providing a very green atmosphere bringing peaceful feeling to mind and body. These are some of reasons why people refer to eat out than cooking at home. However, there are also unaccountable factors to disadvantages of eating out. Firstly is lifestyle. The happiness of having meal at home with family gradually lessens and its consequence is weakening the tight relationship amongst family members. Additionally, people keep providing unhealthy food to the body with so many junk foods, fast foods, and oily foods. Not even mention the high cost to pay for it. Eating out causes the wrong conceptions in people’s thought. They think that eating out shows that they have a high taste of enjoyment, high position in the society. Controversy, I would refer to eat at home with some following reasons. First of all, eating home is the way to keep fit and healthy. Going to the market every weekend, choosing the food you are going to prepare in your own style and that could encourage you in cooking home rather eating out. Secondly, eating home with everyone is a traditional way in most of Asian countries. When mom and dad are waiting for everyone back after work and starting to have meal together. By imaging, you can feel how much love among them and surrounding by a very warm atmosphere, smiling, laughing, and sharing what they having done all day. Thus, eating at home seems to be indispensable activities in most of families.


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