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Examination Card 9

I. Reading
Noah Webster (1758 - 1843) is the author of the first American dictionary, published in 1806. In 1782 he wrote his first spelling book and it earned him a steady income. Noah was 43 when he started writing the first American dictionary and it took him over 27 years to write. He felt that there were differences in spelling, pronunciation, use of language between different parts of the country but he thought that all Americans should speak the same way. So he simplified many English words in an American manner.

In 1828, at the age of 70, Noah had prepared the enlarged version of his original dictionary which had 70,000 words and there were 12,000 words that had never been previously included in any dictionary of the language.

II. Writing
Dear Mr and Mrs Tame,
Thank you very much for your letter. I was happy to know that you are going to visit Ukraine this summer. Don't miss the chance to visit Kyiv's famous landmarks and some of the greatest museums. First of all, tour the city centre and enjoy its marvels - the Golden Gates, St. Sophia's Cathedral and St. Michael's Cathedral. I hope that Susan will come to Ukraine with you, too.
I look forward to meeting you all.

III. Speaking
I am lucky to get my education at the lyceum "...". It serves as an example of a perfect modern school for me. Every student of our school is treated like an individual and is given a chance to develop all his/ her abilities. The individuals are taught to be honest, confident and have a great desire to study. They have to respect the others' beliefs and have the ability to make decisions, set and reach their aims.

We have many rules and traditions in our school. We must wear a school uniform and keep to the rules of conduct. We have an opportunity to participate in different projects and charity events. Our traditional holidays are "The Initiation of New Students", "The Best Students of the Year", "Christmas Star" and "My School Is My Sweet Home". We also have festivals like "We Are Your Children, Ukraine!" and "Miss and Mister of Our Lyceum".

But the main thing is, of course, our school lessons. They are always interesting and full of information. In my view, the majority of the things we are taught in school are useful to us in many ways. In the first place, school gives you general knowledge which helps us in our everyday life. My own experience has shown me that knowledge of subjects such as Geography and History, for instance, helps to understand what is happening in the world around me. Without this 'background' knowledge, the information in the newspaper reports, TV documentaries and so on would mean very little to me. Furthermore, some school subjects help us develop an interest in hobbies. In my case, I like to spend my free time surfing the Internet. I would find this much harder to do if I had not taken Computer Studies at school.

My favourite subject is English. In the modern global world it is a must and the knowledge of it will make it possible for you to find your place in the labour market easier.

In my opinion, these are the people and their relations which build the school. Although, it's good to have modern facilities such as sports grounds and computer labs in the school, they can do nothing if people don't respect each other. So the friendly atmosphere matters much more.

While studying at school I met a lot of education professionals. All of them have made a great impact on the development of my personality and skills. But my favourite teacher is Nadia Stepanivna, my class teacher. She is intelligent, kind-hearted, caring and fun-loving. Our teacher is our second mother. She is the guardian angel of every boy and girl. She understands us better than anyone else in our school. She is always straight with us and we can always rely on her. She is happy when we are happy, she is sad when we are sad.

My favourite teacher is very supportive and she encourages us to study well. She never puts pressure on us but we are straight with her. She helps us believe in ourselves and is sure that we'll definitely be successful in future. Our favourite teacher is our world and we hope that we are her world.

To sum up, I believe, that school gives us a very good basis for our understanding of the world and helps us develop our potential.


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