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1. What qualification are you going to get after graduating from the university?

2. Make a list of the jobs you know in ICT. Try to write down as many jobs as you can.

3. Compare your lists with other students in your group.

4. Complete the definitions with with the jobs from the box.

help desk technician database analyst website administrator IT security analyst
software developer hardware engineer information analyst application support specialist

· A _________________ works mainly with the physical aspects of computers, from planning the concept for the system to manufacturing the parts for installation.

· A ________________ uploads images, articles, photographs, videos, audio files to accompany websites and weblogs; creates daily backup files, tests page-navigation links, moderates blog comments, responds to email requests.

· A_________________ ensures proper computer and software operation, assists end users when problems occur, so that the end users can accomplish business tasks.

· An_______________ is in charge of the support and administration of applications and services used for the production, management and delivery of content and services online.

· A________________ is responsible for the electronic information that is found on computer systems in order to carry out the data requirements of the clients. He/she must ensure that the information is understandable and accurate.

· An_______________ identifies the existence and source of any security breaches, monitors a company’s computer network, and resolves security problems as quickly as possible.

· A________________ is responsible for creating, conceptualising, installing, maintaining, debugging and updating a software product.

· An_______________ is in charge of designing and managing information systems, as well as analyzing and tracking data needed to facilitate company projects and various operations.

5. Listen to four people on a training course introducing themselves and talking about their jobs. What job from ex.4 does each person do?

Speaker 1 _______________ Speaker 3 _______________
Speaker 2 _______________ Speaker 4 _______________


1. Work in groups of three. Each of you will read two texts and complete the table below.

Job title Nature of work Duties and responsibilities Skills and specifications Education and qualification requirements
Technical writer        
Visual artist        
Desktop publisher        
Website developer        
Software developer        
3D animator        

Technical Writer

They concern themselves with the production of technical document creation through technical writing. Technical writers prepare online guides, user manuals and manuals for system usage in a company. They understand the complex technical terms and write them in an easily understandable language for the common users. Technical writers have to: ü gather all the information necessary to be written (the information planning stage). ü create and evaluate the content that needs to be thoroughly created. ü format and edit the content before it is finally published. ü format and publish the created content in user readable format. Technical writers must: ü have strong analytical and project management skills, good technical writing and editing skills; ability to maintain strict confidentiality with work; ü meet both short term and long term work deadlines. Computer proficiency and excellent interpersonal communication skills at all levels are desirable. Technical writers must have Bachelor’s degree in a scientific or technical field. A diploma course in technical writing or journalism or mass media communications is desirable.  

Visual Artist

It is challenging yet creatively satisfying job. Visual artists are engaged in transmuting ideas through the medium of sight to an audience. This involves an understanding of the principles of art, a strong concept of art history and modern technology, which enables visual artistry to reach new heights of innovation. The visual artists can participate in the related and different fields of film, photography, architecture, textiles, graphic design, etc. Visual artists have to: ü present an idea to an audience using the media of colour, form, utilising composition, skills, technique, medium, animation , etc.; ü create an impact through his art; ü constantly test their knowledge and expand the world of the known and the familiar. The job of a visual artist involves considerable skill as well as natural talent. They should understand the concepts of art history. A portfolio of the best works of the visual artist is a critical specification of this field. This is needed to market the skills of the artist. A visual artist must have: ü High school diploma or equivalent GED (General Education Degree) ü Bachelor’s degree in Visual Arts.  

Desktop Publisher

They deal with document layout design, web design, business writing, computer graphics and illustrations. A desktop publisher formats typescript and graphic elements using computer software to produce publication-ready material. They have to: ü write, create and edit text, add graphics to the text to make it visually appealing; ü design page layouts, conceptualise the printed page and understand the allocation of various articles; ü manage typesetting and separate colours for easy printing; ü translate information available in the electronic formats in other media like films; ü discuss, understand and negotiate with the managerial authorities or the client regarding the concept, purpose and intended impact of the document. A desktop publisher have to: ü conceptualise storylines, understand print technology; ü have the ability to envision how a page will look after being printed and design it accordingly; ü have work experience of at least 5 years as intern in a publishing firm. A desktop publisher is expected to have Associate degree in Book History and Print Culture, as well as Bachelor’s degree in digital publishing or design communication.

Website Developer

Web developers are required to: ü develop new web applications as directed by the client or the organization; ü create a company-wide Intranet, allowing data manipulation for each internal staff member; ü integrate all online systems or components of a website; ü perform testing of the designed system, engaging users if necessary; ü provide successful test reports to management or client; ü develop database-driven online interfaces, which allow users to share information in real time; ü develop online systems that allow users to input and retrieve information. A web developer should be creative and innovative, self-motivated and detail-oriented, so that he can present the client with a plenty of web creations to select from. In addition, Further, he/she must possess excellent communication skills, verbal and written ones. Web developers are required to be proficient in latest technologies such as SQL, ColdFusion, Silverlight etc. Experience in environments like ticketing systems, merchandise, Point-of-Sale, etc. can be a huge plus. Web developers must have: ü bachelor’s degree in computer science or MIS; ü strong HTML, CSS and JavaScript knowledge; superior skills in ColdFusion 7+ and SQL; ü experience in structured environment with increasing levels of responsibility and complexity; ü the ability to communicate and teach non-technical users; ü strong attention to detail; ü ability to work additional hours as needed. Flash video/animation experience is a plus.

Software Developer

This job requires considerable technical knowhow. Software developers create, install, maintain, debug and update a software product. Simple software programs can be created in a few hours while more complex and challenging ones can take years to complete. A software developer is responsible for: ü reviewing of current systems and providing designs, ideas and so on for the implementation of new systems; ü working in close collaboration with software analysts, technicians and concept designers; ü creating training manuals for the users of the designed software; ü writing the program codes which will enable the translation of the client’s instructions into a language the computer can understand and respond to. A software developer must have: ü the ability to meet deadlines. Workdays can be as long as 40 hours per week, and even longer in case of tight deadlines; ü skill and complete mastery of various programming languages like Java, Linux, Oracle, NET, Smalltalk and C++. Software developers are required to have: ü Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics, Computer Science, Computer Engineering or Information Systems; ü Certification from the Computer Society of Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers.

D animator

3D animator works primarily in the two popular fields of films and gaming using special effects, character animation, conceptualising storylines, storyboard edition and so on. 3D animator is engaged in: ü discussing, planning and conceptualising a project by negotiations and meetings with clients; ü creating an impact by his works; ü meeting the specifications of the client in understanding and executing his vision. 3D animators are expected to: ü have proficiency in computer software that will allow them to create a world of moving images; ü understand the technical nuances of the field they will work in; ü at least 5 years of experience as an intern or an apprentice with a large and reputed design firm or studio. 3D animator must have: ü Bachelor’s degree in digital animation. ü Certificate programs or associate degree programs in 3D animation.

2. Share the information with other students from your group to complete the table for each of the occupations described.

3. For which of the careers described are the following statements true? More than one career may match each statement.

· It is worth paying for graphic design classes to enhance your design skills if you get serious about this career.

· They produce both instruction manuals for consumers, such as how to use a new computer, as well as operating and maintenance manuals for technical workers, detailing processes of different equipment.

· Much of their effectiveness may depend on their ability to make good technical decisions that positively influence adjacent systems or provide useful features.

· This profession is ideal for you, as you have strong artistic abilities.

· You will also have to modify the look and "feel" of web pages, test and debug error pages, analyze the effectiveness of application solutions, if you apply for this position.

· You must also be able to work well under pressure, follow and execute directions, and combine performing multiple tasks.

· They express emotional facts and ideas or information through their works using textiles, painting, graphic design, drawings, film, sculpture, photography or architecture.

· You should be ready to work long hours if necessary.

· Their daily tasks concern business cards, newsletters, posters, brochures and advertisements.

· If you had a background in journalism, it would be a remarkable advantage over other applicants.

· Their job is to create virtual objects that can move and rotate like real-life objects in movies, music videos and computer games.

· They have a thorough knowledge of Internet browsers, excellent writing and interpersonal communication skills, and a high attention to detail.

· They have to put together a collection of pictures, photos, animation, etc. to show their interest and talent in the art form they have chosen.


1. Match the following words and word combinations (1-13) with their definitions (A-M):

1.manual A.a detailed description of what a job involves
2.deadline B.the main set of related events in a story, film
3.job specification C.change into something completely different, or to make something change in this way
4.layout D.a book that gives instructions about how to do something, especially how to use a machine
5.storyboard E.a student, or someone who has recently obtained a degree, who works in a job in order to get experience, often for low or no pay
6.apprentice F.use something for a particular purpose
7.storyline G.a series of pictures that the director of a film uses to plan the action that will be filmed
8.intern H.a date or time by which you have to do or complete something
9.maintain I.someone who works for a particular person or company, usually for low pay, in order to learn the type of work that they do
10.edit J.the way in which the words and pictures on a page are arranged
11.transmute K.imagine something that you think might happen in the future, especially something that you think will be good
12.utilise L.make sure that something stays at the same level, condition, rate, or standard
13.envision M.prepare a book, piece of film, etc. for printing or broadcasting by removing mistakes or parts that are not acceptable; by deciding what to include and in what order.

2. Study the suffixes for job in LANGUAGE BOX below.

LANGUAGE BOX Suffixes for job
-er webmaster manufacturer publisher Prospective webmasters may also learn the job by taking a basic adult education course in Web design.
-eer engineer auctioneer The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that jobs for software developers will grow by 22% from 2012 to 2022
-or animator operator Video game animators combine art and technology to create interactive animated images and environments for video games.
-ant IT consultant IT assistant She's a computer consultant and specializes in e-commerce, data protect ion and IT strategies.
-tan technician electrician A computer technician installs, troubleshoots and upgrades hardware and software.
-ist typist scientist Typists are administrative workers who prepare documents, such as letters and reports, for other business professionals.

3. Which IT professionals from the LANGUAGE BOX are described below?

· a person who designs and maintains software applications;

· a person who gives expert, professional advice;

· a person who uses graphics software to make or edit animated pictures;

· a person who is employed to type letters, reports and other documents;

· a person or enterprise that produces goods in large numbers, using machines;

· a specialist in the technical details of computers.

4. Compare your answers with the partner’s.


LANGUAGE BOX Job requirements
We can describe essential requirements for particular jobs in the following ways: ü IT managers have totake responsibility for budgets. ü You must have a diploma in computing. ü You must have worked for at least two years in systems analysis. ü Experience with mainframes is critical/essential. ü You need to be able to empathise with the person at the other end of the phone. We can describe desirable requirements like this: ü You should have an interest in technology. ü You should be physically fit. We can describe things which are not requirements like this: ü You don't need to have a degree in computing science.

1. Fill in the blanks with the appropriate form of the verbs, need to, have to and must, to make sensible statements. More than one answer is possible in some examples.

· A computer salesperson __________have sufficient technical knowledge.

· Technical writers __________ have computer proficiency and excellent interpersonal communication skills.

· A computer systems support person __________ be able to sort out problems encountered by users.

· Software developers _________ have Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics, Computer Science, Computer Engineering or Information Systems.

· If you want to work as a technical writer, you __________ have a diploma course in technical writing or journalism or mass media communications.

· A computer network support person _________ have deductive ability for analysing faults.

· A computer technical salesperson _________ be patient, persistent and diplomatic.

· Website developers _________ be able to work under pressure.

· A hardware engineer _________ be aware of cost, efficiency, safety, as well as engineering aspects.

· Systems analyst __________ make a detailed analysis of the employer’s requirements and work patterns to prepare a report on different options for using information technology.

2. Compare your ideas with your partner’s answers.

3. Study these requirements for different jobs in computing advertised on the Internet. Then describe the requirements using the methods studied in this unit.

IT Manager IT Help Desk Support
• Must have Extensive experience in similar role • Degree in Computer Science • Proven track record in Oracle IDM or RDBMS 11g or above • Experience in Managing large Operation team • Exceptional communications both written and oral • Exceptional stakeholder management skills and experience • Experience of working with vendors / service partners/ development • Experience with problem & incident management • Demonstrated history of achievement, and getting the job done • Minimum of 1 year of Help Desk experience. 3+ years preferred. • Ability to deliver quality customer service through both phone and face-to-face interactions. • Excellent follow through and communication skills taking ownership of problems • Great service attitude even under pressure. • Experience using a ticketing system and providing excellent service delivery. • Ability to manage multiple projects and tasks at once. • Ability to diagnose and resolve hardware and software problems. • Solid knowledge of PC Operating Systems (Both Windows 7, MAC OSX required). • Previous experience integrating Apple PCs into a Windows server environment.



Network Support Engineer Systems analyst
• Hands-on experience of implementation and support of routers, switches, firewalls • Experience of hardware implementation and testing • Excellent customer-facing skills • Highly self-motivated and keen to learn new technical skills • Ability to work both alone and as part of a small, dedicated team Preference will be given to candidates with the following desirable attributes: • Cisco CCNA certification • Any further networking experience (routing, switching, security, VPN, IPT, Unified Comms) • Vendor-specific experience in Cisco, Juniper, Checkpoint, Nortel, Watchguard, Palo Alto • Any Microsoft Server skills, particularly in Exchange, Active Directory or DNS administration • Experience of supporting customer WANs and working with WAN providers • Strong analytical skills • Customer relationship experience • Proven ability in software implementation projects and the software development lifecycle • Excellent written and verbal communication skills • An ability to explain complex technical concepts to non-experts • Knowledge of Electricity, Gas or Water utilities • Configuration experience on ERP systems • A relevant tertiary qualification An understanding of project management and business analysis principles would also be advantageous. Although predominantly based in London, a significant amount of domestic and international travel should be anticipated. This position provides an exciting opportunity for an enthusiastic and self-motivated person to prove themselves in our dynamic and fast paced global business


1. Work in pairs. Study the following job requirements. Try to match the requirements to the list of jobs that follows.


· Four-year college degree or equivalent combination of education and experience · 5+ years of HTML · 3+ years of hands-on experience in campaign building and list selection preferred · Design experience leveraging tools such as Adobe Creative Suite · Experience with email marketing platforms (Mail Chimp, Exact Target, etc.) highly desired · Experience utilizing Google Analytics and/or Adobe Omniture · Experience using e-mail delivery tools (Litmus, Return Path, etc.) · Highly collaborative and interactive personality · A degree in a computer science with significant experience within Information Technology with a focus on network security and integration. · Expert knowledge, practical design, operational and engineering experience of network router, switch wireless and VoIP technologies. · Must have a strong background in network security. · Advanced experience with technical design and visualisation techniques using Microsoft Visio and PowerPoint. · Extensive experience with developing global enterprise strategic infrastructure plans. · Expert in technical architectural development, policy, and modelling.
· Degree level of education in an Engineering / IT discipline; · Knowledge and experience in Protective Monitoring (GPG13). · Possess SANS GIAC Certified Intrusion Analyst (GCIA) Certification or GIAC Certified Incident Handler (GCIH) Certification · Knowledge of a wide range of industry leading technologies (McAfee, etc). · The successful candidate will: · Be educated to degree level (2:1) or have 2 years' industry experience · Demonstrate a strong desire to work within a sales environment · Be a highly motivated pro-active self-starter · Well-organised and commercially aware · Background experience or strong interest in IT · Sales experience would be an advantage · Commitment and drive for business development · Knack for relationship building
· Deep knowledge of C/C++ (not less then 3 years commercial development); · OOP, design patterns; · Experience in Game Development is a huge plus; · Experience with Objective C 2.0 is welcomed; · The elementary skills in Photoshop; · English - Intermediate; · Independence in carrying out tasks; · Communication skills, teamwork skills. · Strong understanding and experience in OOP; · Experience in JavaScript, HTML, and CSS; · Experience in JQuery, Prototype; · Experience in UX/UI construction; · Experience in browser based solutions is a plus; · Experience in Webkit is a plus; · Interest in web and mobile technologies, as well as online gaming; · Experience in online gambling sector is a great plus.
  A.Cyber Security Analyst / SOC Analyst B.Senior HTML5 Developer C.Digital Marketing Specialist D.Network & Security Architect E.C/C++ Developer F.IT Networking & Security Sales Executive  

2. Work in pairs. Choose one of the computing careers. Your partner must find out what your job is by asking only Yes/No questions. Your partner cannot ask ‘Are you a software engineer?’


Choose any IT job, and make the presentation on the responsibilities, specifications, education and qualification requirements for this job. You may use PowerPoint to format you presentation and Appendix 6 to help you. Report back to your group.



1. Match these reviews of websites to their titles. Some words and parts of words have been omitted. Try to replace them.






1. _________ is a site that gathers culinary lovers around the world. Glam Media launched it in 2011. As a promising site, ______ understood what people love to talk: _____. It has been a natural desire if everybody loves ______ and wants to try making it. This site becomes a bridge between people with the same interest and passion about ______, cooking, and resto. Hundreds of recipes and recommended restaurants are posted. By registering yourself on ________, you can soon join the conversations among culinary enthusiasts around the world.
2. _________, which is one of the biggest ______ sites, provides thousands of different products ranging from software to housewares, from eyewear to musical instruments, and from sports to diamonds. Practically, everything that we may need or look for is available there. Isn’t it crazy that we can _______jewelry and furniture for our patio from one single place?
3. Did you wait so long in the airport waiting room because your ________ was delayed? Did your airline ticket end up in vain as the _______ was cancelled by the airline company? Was your holiday ruined because of an airline’s incompetency? Do you have complaints for airline companies? Have you ever thought of claiming your rights and yet you feel like you do not stand a chance? If you answer yes to any of the questions, then this website called _________________ has come to the rescue!
4. Are you looking for innovative trifles or simple items that can make your life a bit more organized and colorful? If so, you can try browsing ______________, a website providing and offering stuff you may not have seen in your entire life before. It is so full of unique items that it can undoubtedly blow your mind away!
5. This site is provided by VASA de CV, specializing in travel packages and vacation planning in the region in and around Puerto V______, Mexico. Touted as a young, free spirited company, they have proudly been featured in television on programs such as E! Entertainment and Good Morning America as well as in publications such as National Geographic, New York Times and many other print and television outlets.

Adapted from http://www.websitereview.net

2. Discuss your answers with the partner.

3. Carry out a survey of websites built by your groupmates. Complete the table for at least 4 sites.

Site name        
Site address        
Why special        
Last updated        

4. Choose one of the sites and report back to your group.


1. Listen to Part 1 of the interview with James Richman, a famous Web Designer, and answer the following questions.

· Why did James Richman choose the career of web designer?

· Does he like his job?

· What does he find the most appealing in this job?

· Why is flexibility so precious for a web designer career?

· Why does James think that it is quite hard to be a web developer?

2. Compare your answers with the partner.

3. Listen to Part 2 of the interview and complete the tips for creating a good website, mentioned by James.

· Before you start the process, think carefully of _________________.

· The _____________ needs to be catchy, engaging and ____________. It needs to be genuine and not simply stuff.

· You must choose the __________ to catch the attention of a reader. If it is an unexciting ________ contrast, people may think you’ve nothing interesting to supply. On the other hand, using bright ________ can excite the customers and make them explore your web site further.

· Optimize your web __________ making your graphics as small as possible, and you will have a faster loading website.

· A ___________ takes a large image and splits it into multiple smaller images for display. They are useful because they allow you to store all your navigation and site maintenance buttons in one file. You simply reference that file with specific grid locations to display the image you want to display.

· Keep your pages ________ ,to the point and free of ____________.

· Not to embarrass the reader, keep all your pages __________________.

· One of the most common things on a web page is _____________, so that your readers could come in touch with you.

4. What other design principles could help you make a good website? Discuss your ideas with the partner.


1. Match the following words and word combinations (1-12) with their definitions (A-L):

1.design (n) A.showing or expressing powerful emotions, interest, or enthusiasm
2.delighted B.the ability to make changes or to deal with a situation that is changing
3.fascinating C.have control over someone or something and be responsible for them
4.passionate D.knowing a lot about something and able to make good judgments about it
5.freelance work E.not to help someone at all
6.flexibility F.store information in a computer's memory for a short time
7.in charge of G.work done by a person who is not permanently employed by a particular company but who sells their services to more than one company
8.lift a finger H.extremely interesting
9.in regard to I.interesting or exciting enough to keep your attention completely
10.compelling J.the art or process of making a drawing of something to show how you will make it or what it will look like
11.cache (v) K.concerning a particular subject
12.savvy L.very pleased and happy

2. Link the words in column A with words, which they often occur with from column B. In some cases, more than one link is possible.

1.to create A.interface
2.web B.a finger
3.to leave C.career
4.to manage D.audience
5.to develop E.out to
6.web design F.design
7.to satisfy G.sure
8.target H.savvy
9.unique I.websites
10.to lift J.time
11.computer K.In contact
12.to waste L.the dream
13.to make M.visitors
14.to get N.customers
15.to reach O.experience
16.to confuse P.employees

3. Compare your and your partner’s answers .

4. Make your own sentences with the word combinations from ex.2.


HELP BOX Phrasal verbs
A phrasal verb is a verb followed by a particle (preposition or an adverb); the combination creates a meaning different from the original verb alone. Phrasal verbs are part of a large group of verbs called "multi-word” verbs. ü When you don’t know the meaning of an English word, look it up in a dictionary. We use phrasal verbs in spoken English and informal texts rather than in academic writing. In some cases, the particle is placed after the verb. ü I will look after your iPad, when you are out. In other cases, the particle is placed after the object. ü He’s been looking it over for two hours.

1. Match the following phrasal verbs with their meanings.

1.get behind with A.to feel happy and excited about something that is going to happen
2.look ahead B.to find a way of dealing with a problem or of avoiding it
3.look forward to C.successfully deal with a problem or difficulty
4.come along D.to think about a situation or subject carefully, especially in order to make a decision
5.get over E.to be successful, to succeed, to happen
6.come across F.not to do as much as you have to
7.look at G.to try to discover the facts about something by getting all the necessary information
8.come off H.to meet someone, or to find something by chance
9.get round I.to think about what is likely to happen, or to plan what you are going to do in the future
10.look into J.become available

2. Complete the sentences with the phrasal verbs from ex.1. Do not forget about grammatical and spelling changes of the verbs.

· I’ve been working on developing that software for three days, but at last, I managed to _________________ it.

· I’m making a report on future trends in computing. The only thing I have to complete is to _____________ the conclusions to make a decision.

· You really must take advantage of any opportunity that _________________.

· We are having a problem with one of the devices, but don’t worry, we’ll __________________ it somehow.

· Unfortunately, I spent too much time surfing the Internet during the academic year, so I ____________ my work.

· While creating a website, I _____________ a problem.

· Is it important to _____________ and make sufficient provision financially for your retirement?

· The ceremony had been carefully organized and it ______________ without any problems.

· I am ______________ a new project.

· A special committee was appointed to _____________ the matter.

3. Make your own sentences with five of the phrasal verbs from ex.1.

4. Tell the partner your sentences and ask him/her to translate them.


1. Work in pairs. Study this job advertisement. Which of these three applicants do you think is the most suitable for the position of a website designer? Give your arguments. Use Appendices 3 and 4 to help you.

Location: London Salary: £25000 - £30000 per annum Job type: Permanent Company: Ampersand Consulting
To be considered for the Web Designer - (Photoshop, Adobe, InDesign) you must qualify for the following: § 2+ years' experience of designing websites; § Have a strong creative side; § Adobe Photoshop (Advanced); § Adobe illustrator & InDesign (Intermediate); § Basic understanding of UX; § Ability to create own illustrations; § Strives for new concepts and ideas; § Excellent written and oral communication skills. The following will be an advantage: § Experience with Responsive Design § Design for WP experience § Excellent HTML5, CSS3 skills § Basic JQuery & JavaScript Skills nice to have: § Flash, Ajax, Plesk § Experience with different CMS, such as Magento, Drupal, etc.


Applicant 1 Diploma in Web Design Web developer skills acquired whilst studying: ¯ Establishing the purpose of the website based upon its target audience. ¯ Aware of international web standards and protocols. ¯ Comprehensive knowledge of HTML, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3. ¯ Creating websites that are user-friendly, effective and appealing. ¯ Producing, modifying and maintaining websites and web applications. ¯ Creating quality web pages. ¯ Explaining the costs and benefits of a proposed website to customers and end users. ¯ Successful Search Engine Optimisation. ¯ Testing a website & identifying bugs & technical problems. ¯ Developing cross-browser and cross-platform compatible solutions. ¯ Ability to read and understand script languages like Perl. ¯ Designing, implementing and supporting database development on an SQL server. Key competencies: ¯ Providing innovative new ideas and solutions to problems. ¯ Able to juggle priorities and multiple projects. ¯ Learning new technologies and keeping abreast of markets developments. ¯ Having creativity and imagination. ¯ Adaptable and able to pick up new techniques. ¯ Thorough and precise. Personal skills: ¯ Handling criticism well and learning from it. ¯ Able to work in a multi-disciplined team that includes designers, developers, consultants, and Project Managers. ¯ A keen approach to learning. ¯ Working to short lead times.
Applicant 2 BA (Hons) Web Design Work experience: Web Design Consultancy WEB DEVELOPER June 2008 – Present Responsible for working closely with the product management team to organise the web presence of clients, and to develop rich user interfaces for them. Web development skills: ¯ Creating user friendly websites. ¯ Developing, and enhancing new systems. ¯ Front-End Development with CSS and HTML. ¯ Comfortable working with Mac OS. ¯ Possessing extensive technical knowledge and consulting experience. ¯ Giving accurate time estimates of any work to be done. ¯ Knowledge of Photoshop and Illustrator. ¯ Building large scale ecommerce websites. ¯ Superb debugging and problem-solving skills. ¯ In-depth understanding of modern web practices. ¯ Understanding of the client/server model. ¯ Knowledge of Cisco networking devices. ¯ Able to quickly understand complex technical or software problems. ¯ Extensive Knowledge of databases, servers, operating systems. ¯ Devising online marketing strategies. Personal skills: ¯ Innovative, always full of new ideas / suggestions. ¯ Able to work on your own or in a team. ¯ Clear and effective communication skills. ¯ Having a well thought out approach to problems. ¯ Ability to follow complex instructions. ¯ Good time management skills, prioritization skills. ¯ Can work efficiently with minimum supervision. ¯ Able to meet tight deadlines. ¯ Superior attention to detail. ¯ Working well as part of a multi-disciplinary team. ¯ Willing to go the ‘extra mile’ to get things done.
Applicant 3 Diploma in Business Studies, BA (Hons) Graphic Design Work experience: Web Design Company - Birmingham WEB DEVELOPER Jul 2011- Present Responsible for working on a range of projects, designing appealing websites and interacting on a daily basis with graphic designers, back-end developers and marketers. Web Development skills: ¯ Knowledge of PHP, XHTML, CSS, XML and JavaScript/jQuery. ¯ Awareness of the Web Development industry, and new technologies. ¯ Social Media Monetisation Strategies. ¯ Developing multi-user applications within a (SOA) service orientated architecture. ¯ Writing up technical manuals and user instructions. ¯ Strategically thinking through all parts of the design process. ¯ Knowledge of payment processing, customs clearance and multi-currency pricing. ¯ Knowledge of international web standards and protocols Professional skills: ¯ Able to organise own workload effectively and prioritise tasks. ¯ Can quickly understand business requirements. ¯ Having a passion for customer service & responding quickly to enquiries. ¯ Can manage multiple projects in a fast-paced, deadline-driven environment. ¯ Adaptable and able to quickly pick up new techniques. ¯ Understanding of W3C standards, web accessibility & best practice. ¯Personal skills: ¯ Passionate about doing a good job. ¯ First rate interpersonal and communication skills, able to easily interact with fellow developers and customers alike. ¯ Strongly committed to all projects from inception right through to the end. ¯ Confident, friendly and easy to get along with


Visit a website of your choice. Take notes on any special features. You may write about design, navigation, ease of use, accuracy, helpful graphics, compatibility, etc. Then make a presentation on what makes your chosen site special. Report back to the group.

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