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My thin and slender neck,

Frail shoulders and my hair.

You are giving me a Dare.

I’m taking, but object.


But how could you object

That it’s a fate affaire.

You’d better kiss my hair.

You’d better kiss my neck.


Set sail, go to a Deck.

The name of ship is rare.

It’s yours, but be aware –

My eyes are diamonds black.


And here is our map,

Our compass, our dare!

Our aim and love so fair,

We go up step by step.


No matter white or black.

We’ve got a golden arrow.

And we will live forever –

Whole world is our Deck.




Tomorrow October begins,

We are little Princess and Prince.

We walk under Sun, under Moon,

We will be Their Majesties soon.


And now is September last day,

Today it will vapour away.


Come on, let us see it again,

That place where we found Golden Grain.

High columns of pines, crystal sky…

At midnight September will die.


Let’s listen to Hendel and Bach,

The language of space, soul and art.

Sibelius gives us his Swan.

At midnight September will gone.


Tomorrow October begins.

And Princess is kissing her Prince.

They will be their Majesties soon,

They walk under Sun, under Moon.


You see, it’s your eyes, it’s your smile.

Forget all your thoughts for a while.

You see golden fishes in a depth?

The lace of tree branches on your left.


You feel, we are breathing so light.

I am near you, on your right.


All treasures around us to find,

The wall of pine wood is behind.

The surface of water to glide –

It’s Absolute, our life guide.


Tomorrow October begins,

We are golden Princess and Prince.

We will be Their Majesties soon.

Possess our Youth, Sun and Moon.


We didn’t see each other

For years, days and months.

We didn’t know each other

And Love had said “No funds.


Stop fire, don’t desire”.

And put my heart on shelf.

That man was my admire,

That man was my extent.


Today I saw a baby,

The little boy in train.

I was mistaken maybe,

But boy looked like that man.


The boy was reading paper

And talking to his mom.

His tender face has waken

Repeat of what was gone.


I saw again this profile –

So clean-cut, delicate.

I felt myself like dolphin,

My body lost its weight.


So tender boy, so cheerful.

You are four years old.

Look like somebody’s childhood –

So natural, touching so!


I feel so good and happy,

Because you look like him.

So gentle little baby,

Reminder of my dream.


Mom answers all your questions

And turns to me at once:

Is there a perfection?

All words in happy glance.


Boy looks like my acquaintance

Familiar to me.

He was like golden entrance

To something what would be.


And I was smiling, laughing,

I felt my heart and joy.

It was return of something.

Oh, thank you, little boy.


Di-da-da, di-da-da.

Put aside your big cigar!

Listen, love is not so far,

La musique et des beaux arts,

Fleur de lys et foie gras

Sur le pont d`Avignon

Carafe d`eau et Cote du Rhône.


Truth or joke, but words were real.

Why we didn’t clench that deal?

Where are we? Yes, so we are.

For another sequent start.


Da-da-dil, da-da-dil.

You rotate my inside wheel.

Da-da-dil, da-da-dil,

What does real Vita feel?

What remember, what forget?

Rosebud roseate rose leaf red.


Flowers, flowers, name and smell.

Heavens up and down is hell.

Who are black and who are white?

Who are left and who are right?

Smiles and coloures, blushing cheeks.

“Merry Christmas”, “Trick or treat”.


Da da di, da-da-di.

Something best is close to me.

You are best, you are with me.

We are fine to love, to be

What a company!


Marble stairs, grades, degree,

Arches and puzzles, da-da-di.


Shoury-Moury, two white doves!

Money, coffee, tea and love.

Arlekino jokes and hits –

Leisure after working weeks

La cucina italiana –

Con piacere, si, andiamo!


Starving knowledge, life exam.

Stage and studio, work and fun.

Da-da-di, da-da-di!

Sambo-mambo, somebody!

I love some - bo, some- bo –dy!


Remember for always all tender moments,

All tender moments of your private life.


If it is a smiling face so nice,

If it is somebody’s smiling eyes.

If it is somebody’s windows and car,

If it is somebody’s arms and scar.

If it is so close to you here and now,

If it is not, because you are far.

Inspite of conditions, departures, arrives,

Inspite of all matters, people and times,


Remember for always all tender moments,

All tender moments of your private life.


Remember for always somebody’s gait!

Remember your body loosing its weight!

Remember somebody’s breath and state,

First meet and appearance, when you didn’t wait.

Remember it always, because these are moments,

So valuable tender moments of life.


If it is your joy like a brilliant bird,

If it is a colour of your top and skirt.

If these are occasional meets so short,

If it is a colour of someone’s T-shirt.

If these are pockets on somebody’s pants,

If it is a ground-floor, where he loves to dance.

If it is somebody’s name so sweet

Which you are singing each minute like hit.

If it is somebody’s image and speech

And telephone numbers prepared to reach.

If it is a smile of your face and your soul.

If it is sky skiing or rolling in hall.

If it is a beauty and inside explode –

Creation of Galaxy, New real World.


And if there are tears filling your eyes…

And if it is smile, like Sun rises twice.


Remember for always all tender moments,

All unforgettable moments of life.



St. Pete is an inkpot,

When evening comes.

Ink – water, ink – rivers,

Ink – channels and banks.


I saw different faces

And cities, and lands.

And mountains, someday

They’ll turn into sands.


But even in journey

I couldn’t forget:

In front of my eyes

There was my own land.


I thought every minute about the same.

I love it, and I want express it or say.


My eyes were my voice.

There were small-talks and smiles.

I felt that my heart

Turns to Sun to arise.


My city is pearl,

When morning comes.

Pearl water, pearl – rivers,

Pearl channels and banks.


My city is music,

My city is home.

No matter the day, dusk,

The night or the dawn.


I know


Never say never, but NEVER.

I’ll never wish go to the end.

I don’t want to know, what is there,

Beyond, what we can’t understand.


I’ll never decide to be lonely.

I’ll never take what I don’t want.

Because I feel better and stronger.

Because now I am what I want.


I know, what is going on always –

Strong will, happy life and my youth.

Forever and always, and ALWAYS –

My verses, my songs and my tunes.




To guess


Please, you must know, it’s very hard to say…

So, therefore, I won’t say simple words.

I know, you’ll understand, and you can guess

What for our lifelines now again are crossed.


I saw than and I knew my love was found.

First seconds were a miracle, time stopped.

I knew that I was standing on the ground,

But in my mind I found myself on top.


I thought about you each minute of a day,

I looked at World as if your eyes were my eyes.

I couldn’t live not meeting you somewhere.

And I’ve been meeting you for seven, maybe eight times.


Since we had met each other on a square,

Since we’ve been crossing to our general surprise.

Since I’ve been thinking of your smile and silky hair.

Since started looking at the World like… paradise.


Yes, you must know, you must accept and guess.

That there are no another ways for that one.

I don’t know, do you know the loneliness?

Let’s be together, cause our Love is found.


Let’s share all our minutes, days and hours.

Let’s share feelings, thoughts and points of view.

Let’s share places on this Earth, and sounds

Of soul music, telling “I love you”.



Le movement


O, mon ami.

Le fin – tant pis.

Paris, la mer,

Gala, Dali.


Le ciel, tel bleu,

C’est tout, mon feu.


Avec le voile

Quitter ton bal.





Today is warm November day

And tender winds blow.

I know, it’s melting-pot,

I really want it now.


Today is warm November day

And tender winds blow.

It’s melting-pot for happiness in Love.


My integrated life, my aim, my sorrow.

It’s for my happiness, my happiness in all.

November dies, December is tomorrow,

And tender winds blow, melting-pot with white ice.



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