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Academic Background

Your application must include official detailed transcripts of grades or equivalent records from all universities, colleges, or institutions attended, including undergraduate institutions. In programs where graduate transcripts are not provided as a matter of institutional policy, please provide a statement of that policy from the registrar or other school official. Please note that electronic transcripts will not be accepted.


In the tables below, please list the following information on education:

A: Past (Please list the institutions you have attended for post-secondary education prior to Ph.D./doctoral program.):



University/College (Year) to (Year) Major Field Department Degree Date Degree Received/ Anticipated



B. Current Ph.D./doctoral program (Please supply letter of current standing.)


University/College Department Degree Date Enrolled Date Degree Anticipated


Scholarships, Fellowships, Honors Received (Please give dates.):

(Year) to (Year)



Publications (Please list titles, authors and bibliographic references of articles, pamphlets or books, either in manuscript or published form that you have authored or co-authored. Please do not send materials or curriculum vitae.):





From (Month/Year) To (Month/Year) Employer Address Type of Work or Position Held



Please describe in general scientific terms your academic research program (thesis) and your professional goals in 500 words or less. Preference will be given to those candidates who can demonstrate a well-defined research program.Clearly identify the relevance of your research to aerospace-related sciences or aerospace-related engineering. Please limit to one page.






The undersigned applicant has agreed to waive her right to review this material and agrees to provide confidential references by having the referee sign the sealed envelope containing the recommendation. Recommendation form to be submitted via email is available on the Zonta International website at http://www.zonta.org/ClubsLeadership/Tools/Award,ScholarshipFellowshipTools.aspx (control+click to follow link).
Applicant’s Signature


ZONTA USE ONLY Submitted by: Applicant ___________ Referee ___________
Return this form by 15 November 2015 to: Zonta International 1211 West 22nd Street, Suite 900 Oak Brook, IL 60523 T: +1(630) 928-1400 F: +1(630) 928-1559 Email address: Programs@zonta.org Website: www.zonta.org (this form may be duplicated)




Please note: Three (3) recommendations/references are required to be provided in confidence.  
Applicant’s Name:      
  Last (Family) First Middle
Course of Study:  
Referee’s Relationship to Applicant (e.g. thesis supervisor):  
Referee’s Name:  
Referee’s University/college/institution:  


  Recommendation for Applicant for Zonta International Amelia Earhart Fellowship
The applicant above has applied for a Zonta International Amelia Earhart Fellowship for women in a Ph.D./doctoral program in aerospace-related sciences or aerospace-related engineering. The Review Committee greatly values and appreciates your opinion. Please discuss the applicant’s accomplishments, level of progress, current research program, intellectual independence, capacity for analytical thinking, ability to organize and express ideas clearly, creativity, motivation, and potential for learning. If you are the applicant’s thesis supervisor, please provide an estimate of the date of completion for the applicant’s Ph.D. program, i.e. date of expected graduation. This recommendation form does not require a waiver form, but must be signed and submitted with recommendation letter on school letterhead by the referee.


Email address:  


How well do you know the applicant?   Insufficient opportunity to observe:  


Please rate the applicant with respect to your experience with other doctoral candidates in this field:


  Exceptional Top 5%   Very Good Next 10%   Good Next 15%   Average Next 30%   Below Average Last 40%


Referee’s Signature   Date



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