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Which part of the text does each statement refer to?

#1. Benito Mussolini ruled Italy. (…7)

#2. The Nazis were against any people whose skin colour or religious beliefs they did not like. (…4)

#3. Adolph Hitler founded the Nazi party in Germany. (…2)

#4. Germany belonged to one of two alliances. (…9)

#5. Hitler claimed that the German people were superior to other races. (…3)


1. There was bad news from Europe and Asia in the late 1930’s. The governments of Germany, Italy and Japan were trying to get control of other lands.

2. After World War I Adolph Hitler founded the Nazi party in Germany. Together with his followers he began to spread his beliefs.

3. Hitler called the German people a superior race, which must rule the world.

4. Soon Hitler made himself dictator of Germany and began preparing for war. The Nazis oppressed anyone whose race, religion or politics they did not like.

5. They built huge concentration camps. Jews, Catholics, Poles and others whom Hitler considered enemies were sent to these camps.

6. In the concentration camps people who were strong enough were forced to work as slaves.

7. Germany was not the only country in Europe ruled by a dictator. Benito Mussolini, who had come to power in Italy, was making plans to revive the glory of the Roman Empire.

8. In Asia a military group came to power in Japan. They also believed in the “glory” of ruling over the other nations.

9.In the 1930’s Germany, Italy and Japan formed an alliance called the Axis.

10. Great Britain and France led the alliance called the Allies.




Which part of the text does each statement refer to?


#1. Lincoln was badly shot in the theatre. (…5)

#2. Linkoln believed that relationships between the north and the south should be restored. (…1)

#3. For some people the Civil War was not different from a war for independence (…9)

#4. The Southern Army was commanded by a person from Virginia. (…6)

#5. Lee was against slavery. (…7)


1. President Lincoln had planned for a period of reconstructions after the war. He had thought it was necessary to choose new leaders for the South and to restore good relations between the north and the south.

2. Lincoln hoped that reconstructions would go quickly.

3. After Lincoln’s death Americans quarreled over how to carry out the reconstruction.

4. On the evening of April 14, 1865, President Lincoln and his wife went to see a play at Ford’s Theatre in Washington, D.C.

5. During the play, John Wilkes Booth, an actor and a southerner, shot the president. Lincoln died the next morning.

6. Robert E. Lee, probably the greatest soldier of the civil war, commanded the southern armies. Lee was from Virginia. He had spent most of his life in the army.

7. At the beginning of the Civil War President Lincoln asked Lee to command the Union troops. Lee loved the United States and he did not support slavery.

8. Lee felt that he could not fight against his neighbours from Virginia. So he resigned from the United States Army and led to the Confederate troops.

9. White southerners were fighting to preserve their way of life. For them the Civil War was the war for independence.

10. Another advantage, at least at the beginning, was that the war was fought in the South.


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Which part of the text does each statement refer to? | Which part of the text does each statement refer to?
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