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Now it is time to speak about READING HABITS of people of different age, social or political status or interests.

There is a possibly witty though true classification of English newspapers as for the people who read them. Have a look at it:


· The Times is read by the people who run the country;

· The Mirror is read by the people who think they run the country;

· The Guardian is read by the people who think about the running the country;

· The Mail is read by the wives of the people who run the country;

· The Daily Telegraph is read by the people who think the country ought to be run as it used to be;

· The Express is read by the people who think it is still run as it used to be;

· The Sun is read by the people, who don’t care, who runs the country as long as the naked girl at page three is attractive.

Newspapers in Britain

By Natalya Predtechenskaya




And what about the youth? Do they read newspapers? Get acquainted with the opinion of some young people about the classification of newspapers and their reading preferences which was taken from the Yahoo! Search site.



The Times is no longer a broadsheet newspaper and since Rupert Murdoch took it over it is only good for wrapping up your fish and chips.


Dorothy and her little red sheep...


broadsheets, tabloids and the sunday supplements
financial papers and specialist interest papers



The Sun all the way...none of this poncy broadsheet nonsense...**** and arses...love it....and the Husky Evening News



Yes, there are types of newspapers.




Task 1

You will listen to the people being interviewed about the newspapers they prefer reading. While listening fill in the chart.


  type of newspaper frequency (how often) reasons for choosing the newspaper reasons for not choosing the newspaper
speaker 1          
speaker 2          
speaker 3          


Task 2

This task is for working in the small groups where you can discuss your reading habits. Give arguments why you prefer reading or not reading the newspaper. You can use the following phrases to have a good start:

  • To my mind…; from my point of view…; in my opinion…;
  • I’m convinced that…
  • I’m absolutely sure…
  • I doubt if it is …
  • I believe it’s just the waste of …

Task 3

What can you say about the reading preferences of your friends or fellow students, your parents and grand parents?

You can do it if the form of a survey and present the results to your group mates.



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