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The tools and instruments used in building construction.

Warming – up

1. What tools and instruments do you know ?

2. What tools are mostly used in building construction?

3. What do you think about functions of tools?

I. Look at these diagrams of the tools used by tradesmen working on a building site:




Now copy and complete the table with the correct tools or combination of tools for the jobs:


Tradesman Job Tool (s)
a) Carpenter drilling holes in wood  
b) Bricklayer mixing mortar  
c) Plasterer smoothing the plaster on a wall  
d) Carpenter cutting wood j  
e) Plumber cutting metal pipes  
f) Electrician cutting electric cables  
g) Carpenter making a mortise-and-tenon joint  
h) Plumber smoothing metal surfaces  
i) Electrician removing the outer sheathing of wire  
j) Carpenter turning screws  
k) Decorator painting surfaces  
1) Bricklayer cutting bricks  
m) Plumber tightening nuts  
n) Electrician twisting strands of wire together  
o) Carpenter smoothing wood surfaces  
p) Bricklayer laying mortar on  
q) Carpenter removing nails    

Now make sentences like the example:

A brace and bit is a tool for drilling holes in wood.


II. Look at these drawings of instruments:



Now make sentences from this table:

  A An lighting engineer structural engineer bricklayer acoustic engineer heating and ventilating engineer carpenter electrician   uses a square a plumb-bob a hygrometer a strain gauge a voltmeter a sound pressure meter a daylight factor meter a thermometer a spirit level a steel tape
    to check verticality. measure the illumination from the sky. measure the sound pressure. measure the relative humidity. check vertical and horizontal work. measure the temperature. measure the voltage of a circuit. check squareness. measure distances. measure the strain on a structure.

Use thetable again to make sentences like thefollowing:

may by means of

Verticality can be checked by using a plumb-bob.




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