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Complete the dialogue with verbs from the box. Use suitable forms with future meaning.

The future

1. Write the correct form of the verb in brackets to complete the sentences. Use one of these structures: will, shall, be going to, will be + -ing, will have + past participle, will have + been + -ing, present continuous or present simple.

Example:'Have you booked a holiday yet for this year?' 'Yes, we__are taking___(take) a cruise

around the Caribbean in November.'

1 I've taken the 10.40 to Bristol every Friday for three years and it's always half empty. Believe me, you_______(find) a seat.

2My father's approaching retirement age, so he_______( (probably / sell ) the business next year.

3 Going by all of the recent polls, the social democrats_______(win) next week's election by a huge majority.

4 Look at those black clouds. It _______(rain) this afternoon.

5 I'm going on holiday tomorrow. This time next Tuesday afternoon I _______(ski) down a mountain!

6 At our next wedding anniversary we_______(be/married) for twenty-five years.

7 'You speak very good Chinese.' 'Thank you. It's not surprising; I_______(live) in Beijing for eight years next month.'

8 Sit down and watch the TV; I_______(just/finish) this letter quickly before I join you.

9 Your driving test is next Tuesday, so (we/have) a two-hour session on Monday?

10 'Have your parents decided whether you can come to the festival next weekend?' 'Not yet, but they can't stop me. I_______ (come) with you.'

11 I've won the jackpot on the lottery and I _______ (spend) it all straight away!

12 I've just been to the council meeting. It looks like they_______(build) a new shopping centre in town.

13 I've just heard a rumour that your favourite jazz singer______(come) to give a concert in our village!

14 'Have you looked at the new financial report yet?' 'No, but I_______ (stay) at home this evening so I can study it then.'

15 The takeover is going ahead, I'm afraid, so we_______ (make) some redundancies in the New Year.

16 Erm, I don't want to be rude, but_______ (you/stay) with us for long when you come over to Britain?

17 The plane_______ (take off) at 10.45, so we had better check in by 8.45.

18 Sunrise_______ (be) at 6.40 a.m. tomorrow.

19 Mr Fellows_______ (play) golf tomorrow afternoon, as usual, so you can catch him on the golf course.

20 The decorator won't finish the work until you_______ (pay) him what you owe.

Complete the dialogue with verbs from the box. Use suitable forms with future meaning.

arrive be (x3) finish (x2) have have to (x2) meet pick up work

pam Can we fix a time for the next meeting? How about the 12th? That's after the sales conference.

alex I thought something was happening on that day.

pam Oh yes, you're right. The people from Head Office (0)____are coming_______.

john What time (1 - their plane)______at the airport? Can we have the meeting in the morning?

pam No, it's all arranged. I (2) ______them at half past ten, so I (3) ______available at all that day.

alex Well, let's have the meeting earlier in June, then. The sales conference (4) ______on the third, doesn't it?

pam Yes, but we need John's annual figures for the meeting. How are they going, John?

john I'm afraid I haven't started them yet, but I (5) ______on them next week, gathering information.

pam (6 - they) ______ready early in June?

john Well, not really. I (7) ______them by 10 June, but I don't think they (8) ______ready before then.

pam So, we're looking at the week starting the 17th. How about two o'clock on that day?

alex Difficult. I (9) ______lunch with the sales manager of Bowman's. Could we make it three?

pam John?

john Yes, but I (10) ______the children after school that week, as usual when the nanny's away, so I (11) ______leave here at five thirty. Is that OK?

pam I think so. Right, so we (12) ______at three o'clock on 17 June, in the boardroom.

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