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Ex. 13. Fill in the blanks with a suitable word in the correct form. Trans­late the sentences into Russian.

to charge; charge (2); to comfort; comfort; comfortable; to depart (2); departure; flat (2); occasion (2); occasional (2); occasionally; separate; uncomfortable (2).

1. The hotel gave excellent service at perfectly reasonable ... . 2. All his attempts to learn the truth seemed to fall ... . 3. After the accident the car looked a poor sight and he wondered how much they would be ... him for repairs. 4. He had paid the matter little attention, never giving it more than an ... thought. 5. It was a small station where the trains arrived at and ... from the same platform. 6. I didn't see what was so funny about it. To my mind it was no ... for laughter. 7. He was not to be allowed to ... from the point at any price, for once start­ed there would be no stopping him. 8. It was a dull sort of play, and the ... jokes thrown in did little to liven it up. 9. An ... night on board the plane made her fussy and ill-tempered. 10. We would meet ... to dis­cuss some burning problem of the day. 11. The girl was so upset over her failure that there was no ... her. 12. The day of her friend's ... was nearing, and it made her sad. 13. The shoes, though pretty, were far from ... . 14. Modern trains combine speed and ... . 15. On the several ... I happened to meet him, he had always made a very good impres­sion on me. 16. Something had definitely gone wrong. Her usually cheer­ful voice now sounded ... and lifeless. 17. He knew he was alone, yet he had the ... feeling of being watched. 18. He had been in ... of the department for years and had never, until now, given reason for dissat­isfaction. 19. The sick boy was to be placed in a room ... from the rest of the children.


Ex. 14. Paraphrase the following, using words and word combinations from the text, and making all necessary changes.

to fall flat; flat; in spite of; on the occasion of; for all occasions; occasional; occasionally; to get over (2); to charge (2); in charge of; comfortable; can't have smb do(ing) smth; to depart

1. He would always remember the champagne party that had been arranged to markhis fiftieth birthday. 2. All his efforts to succeed seemed to be wasted. 3. Though he had received his warning, he went on as before, as if looking for trouble on purpose. 4. He was head of the expedition and quite prepared to take whatever action was necessary. 5. On the whole the weather was all we could wish for, warm and sunny, with a bit of rain now and then. 6. The dress in the shopwindow caught her attention at once. Yes, it was just what she needed, something that would do both for everyday and formal wear. 7. Letting him change his mind was something we couldn't allow. He was to be made to stick to his promise at any price. 8. The letters she got from time to time kept her well-informed as to how things were going in her native town. 9. It took her several weeks to recover fully from her illness. 10. He was set the task of making a careful study of the problem and report­ing on the results. 11. The food seemed tasteless. 12. He wondered if he wasn't running a temperature. 13. It was a different kind of life, easy and free from all worries. 14. It's difficult to follow him, he never keeps to the subject. 15. His failure in the exam was a hard blow to him. It would take time getting used to. 16. The prices for the garage services seemed to be quite reasonable.


Ex. 15. Speak on the following topics, using the words and phrases given below.

In the Train

An American lady; two other passengers; a fast train; a sleeping car; a compartment; a porter; to pull up (down) the window-blind; to make oneself comfortable; to have the seats made into beds for the night; to get off the train; to walk a little way along the platform; to stay near the steps of the car; for fear of; to be left behind; to leave with no sig­nal of departure; to be afraid of the speed (a wreck).


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