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Ex. 12. Fill in the blanks, with a suitable word in the correct form. Trans­late the sentences into Russian.

to act (2); action; case; to complain (2); to cure; to demand; demand; to develop; hesitation; to inquire (2); to insist (2); to intend (2); intention; to judge (2); opposite; pain (2); purpose (2); to respect (2); respect; rough; sign; to spread; to succeed (3); terms; treatment;


1. The point was of particular interest and I ... to make wide use of it in my report. 2. In a few short sentences the inspector made clear the ... of his visit. 3. There was a general ... that a committee be set up to .. into the matter. 4. The events were ... fast, leaving little room for doubt or hesitation. The commander knew he had to ... at once. 5. The scientist's point of view, though exactly ... to mine, was still not without interest. 6 An outspoken man, my friend, had never made a secret of his ..., so we were fully prepared for what happened later. 7. There were moments of weakness when the patient thought the ... was more than he could stand. 8. The head of the department wanted his orders to be obeyed and his wishes ... . In fact, he ... on it. 9. He ... to soften the blow, but the words he had chosen were wrong, and he only ... in making things worse. 10. It is true that my friend's manner may be a little ... but he has a heart of gold. 11. The forest fire was quick­ly ... north. The situation ••• immediate .... 12. Though the facts were against him, he continued to ... that he had had no part in the accident. 13. It was strange to think he should have made the remark on ..., just to annoy us. 14. The actress had ... her part extremely well. 15. Victory 'was "near, another effort and we would have ... . 16. He would never agree to work for them on such ..., it was useless even ask­ing him. 17. The doctor recommended a new ... which had proved highly effective. Several of the ... believed hopeless had been success­fully ... . 18. Though she didn't know a word of the language, she ... in miking herself understood by gestures. 19. The patient's tempera­ture had dropped. It was a good ... . 20. Seized with doubt I stopped in ... at the door not knowing whether to go on with my task or leave things as they were. 21. The expert ... the painting to be an early Rap­hael. 22. She was always finding fault and ...; most annoying, if you know what I mean. 23. The visitor ... for Mr. Brown, the department manager. 24. I could see that the old man was treated with great ... in his family. 25. He looked at the map and ... the distance to the near­est village to be something between 100 and 150 kilometres. 26. A care­ful examination showed nothing out of the ordinary, yet the patient continued to ... of a sharp ... in the side.


Ex. 13. Paraphrase the following, using words and word combinations from the text, and making all necessary changes.

to hesitate; to judge; to intend; intention; to spread; to suffer; far from; at first sight; to make inquiries; to complain; on purpose


1. I recognized him the minute I saw him. 2. It was advisable that questions be asked and the necessary information collected without at­tracting attention. 3. For some time he couldn't make up his mind about the offer. 4. What she said made me wonder. It was nothing like the truth. 5. Every step was taken to stop the epidemic from moving on to other districts. 6. He had done it specially to annoy me. 7. She was always unhappy about something and finding fault, very hard to please, indeed. 8. His plans and resolutions are wonderful as a rule, but the trouble is that he never puts them into practice. 9. The old man had had rheumatism for years and now seemed quite used to the pain. 10. From what he heard the man say he understood him to be a man of wide learning and deep knowledge.


Ex. 14. Speak on the following topics, using the words and expressions given below.

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