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Find the following expressions in the text and explain their meaning.

to reap stable benefits, halts British quest on this arena, high-profile, deserves scrutinizing, embark on a business venture, risk-aversion, compatriots, at the expense of, launch their ventures, trust with their lives, lags far behind, impending bankruptcy, lasting handicap, destigmatise.

Answer the following questions.


- Why isn’t it necessary to bother about the outcome of elections in GB?

- What changes await British economy in the near future?

- How will immigrants affect entrepreneurship in this country?

4. What is the writer’s stance on the following questions? Do you find his answers convincing?


● Why does the writer consider Entrepreneurial CEO to be a contradiction in terms?

What makes France or Greece less favourable places for the development of genuineentrepreneurship?

● Why does the writer view Britain as the optimum choice for embarking on a business venture?

● What necessitates the changes in the law on entrepreneurship in GB?


5. Make a precis of the article. Use the words from the active vocabulary list.

Remember the plan 1. Topic (What is the article about?) 2. Main idea (What thesis does the writer develop?) 3. Major details (What arguments, examples does the writer use to prove his stance on the issue?) 4. Conclusion (What conclusion does the writer arrive at?)

C. Listening and Watching

² You will hear Ed Coombes, of Cambridge Capital Partners, talking about his work in raising funds for new companies. Listen to the interview and answer the questions.

1. What is the market opportunity that has opened up for investors?  
2. Why are pension funds now investing in such companies?  
3. How do corporate finance teams get paid?  

Summarize the information in 2-3 sentences. (Pay special attention to the vocabulary. Use the words from the active vocabulary list.)

D. Group discussion. Brainstorm the ideas.


● What is the attitude to entrepreneurship in Russia (your country)?

● How does the government stimulate entrepreneurship?

● What steps are necessary to improve the situation?

E. Vocabulary in Focus

1. Read the following example from the article “Risky Business” and explain the meaning of the underlined word.


In 2005, thanks partly to the expanding of the European Union, more and more successful entrepreneurs in Britain will not have been born there.

These are the most common words for the change in dimensions. Use the words from the box in the correct form in the sentences.

Expand, extend, stretch, shrink, grow, contract, inflate


1. The sudden influx of Westerners has ……………. house prices out of all proportions.

2. IT sector ………………. rapidly all over the world.

3. The company’s profits …………. dramatically last year, which had been precipitated by the global crisis.

4. They have agreed to ……………… the deadline for completion of the building work.

5. The economy continues to…………., raising fears of further political problems.

6. The desert …………… away as far as the eye could see.

7. Today these businesses …………….. at a record rate.

Idioms are more informal way to speak about different phenomena. Here are some of them to speak about the situation in the business.

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