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B. All these words are connected with payment for the work done. Match the definition with the correct word.

1. a fixed amount which is paid , usually monthly, to workers of higher rank 2. an additional payment which is a reward to those who work for a company for their extra work 3. money paid for professional services, e.g. to a doctor 4. an amount of money you receive, usually weekly, in return for labour or service 5. money paid to authors or inventors according to the sales of their work a. a bonus b. royalties c. a wage d. a fee e. a salary


C. This is the money people get for some particular reasons. Write the word next to its definition using the line provided.

Pension; grant; allowance; maintenance; legacy

1. ……………. money, usually from a relative to live on

2. ……………. money received from someone in his or her will

3. ……………. money paid by divorced or separated people to support the former husband or wife

4. ……………. money paid by a company or the state on your retirement

5. ……………. money paid by the state to students.

1.1 D. Match the definition with the correct “money word”.

1. a deposit 2. an overdraft 3. a fare 4. a fine 5. alimony 6. cash 7. a bill 8. a premium 9. a mortgage 10. a share 11. duty a. the money which a building society or bank lends to build a house b. the money that a person pays to an insurance company to protect against loss or damage c. money paid for traveling especially on public transport, buses, trains etc. d. money paid as a punishment for breaking the law e. money paid by divorced father to his former wife for the upkeep of his children f. the amount of money borrowed from a bank, greater than that which is in your account g. part of value of a company that you can buy h. part-payment of money which you make to stop the seller from selling his goods to others i. tax on imported articles paid to the Customs j. money which is in the form of coins and notes, not cheques k. money, paid at a restaurant after eating

E. Choose the right answer, only one is correct.


1. The ………… of living has risen by 25 % in the last six months.

a. cost b. expenditure c. expense d. price

2. The kidnappers demanded a ………… of $ 1, 000,000.

a. fine b. penalty c. ransom d. reward

3. The World Bank has criticized the United States for not giving enough financial …………. to the East European countries.

a. allowance b. aid c. loan d. premium

4. The minister admitted taking ………. and had to resign.

a. bribes b. fees c. fines d. premiums

5. If they are not careful enough with their accounts, they will go ……….. .

a. broken b. penniless c. poor d. bankrupt

6. Before starting a business, you have to raise the necessary ……..

a. capital b. currency c. investment d. savings

7. When you buy a house you can claim tax ……… on the mortgage.

a. aid b. assistance c. benefit d. relief

8. Mr. D‘s ……….. will be held in trust for him until he is 21. Then he will be free to spend it.

a. dowry b. heirloom c. heritage d. inheritance

9. The government has introduced …………… currency controls which will make it more difficult to holiday abroad.

a. extreme b. striking c. stringent d. strong

10. The two men ……… a coin to see who should take care of the business on the weekend.

a. hurled b. lobbed c. threw d. tossed

11. No-one knows precisely how much she earns a month, but $4,000 can’t be very ……….. of the mark.

a. wide b. broad c. distant d. far

12. The firm will go bankrupt if it cannot meet its …………… .

a. charges b. duties c. liabilities d. promises

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