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You are recommended to answer the questions in the order set.

Mistakes in spelling, punctuation and grammar may be penalized in any part of the Paper.

NOTE: When a question asks you to answer in your own words, YOU MUST NOT COPY THE WORDS IN THE PASSAGE IN YOUR ANSWER.


From paragraph 1:  
Name two important ways in which elephants served the Thais in the past. [2]
What does the word “colossus” tell us about the status of elephants in Thailand? [1]
From paragraphs 2 & 3:
The author likens the scene described in paragraph 2 to a dream while a modern scene involving Thai elephants to a nightmare. Why is this? [1]
What does the word “armour” (line 8) suggest about the elephants which are being used in a battlefield? [1]
From paragraph 4:
What does the phrase “languish in captivity” mean? [2]
From paragraph 5:
From the descriptions of the condition of the elephants, what does the writer feel towards their previous owners? [1]
What does the fact that four men with massive staves were needed to pry Suphan off the forest floor tell us about her condition? [1]
From paragraph 6:
Explain in your own words why the elephant handlers used to treat their animals well. [2]
What similar qualities of the car and elephants are brought out in the way both are treated? [1]
From paragraph 7:
  The elephants carry “tourists on so-called jungle tracks”. What does the author want you to understand about the tracks in this sentence?   [1]
What two uses do the hotel promoters and elephant-show operators have for “cute calves”? Answer in your own words. [2]
From paragraph 8:
Give two adjectives to describe Soraida’s character based on the incident described in this paragraph. [2]
From paragraph 9:
What two pieces of evidence show that the elephant was once held in high esteem in Thailand? Answer in your own words. [2]
Explain in your own words the underlined words in the following sentence, “the elephant was deeply enmeshed in the fabric of traditional life”. [2]
From paragraph 10:
Find a word in Paragraph 10 that has the same meaning as the word, ‘unrelenting’. [1]
From paragraph 11:
Explain the irony in the following statement: “To make matters worse, elephants are still being used by log poachers to help destroy much of what remains of their precious habitat.” [1]
From paragraph 12:
While the mahouts ensure that the adult elephants are not distracted, they do not bother to discipline the calves. What does this tell you about the feelings of the mahouts towards the baby elephants? [1]
From paragraph 13:
Why does the writer describe the elephants’ behaviour seen in the streets of Bangkok as degrading? [1]



19 For each of the following words or phrases, give one word or short phrase (of not more than seven words) which has the same meaning the word or phrase has in the passage.


i) bestrode (line 2) iv) rife (line 71)
ii) marshalling (line 7) v) cajole (line 85)
iii) toll (line 41)      

20 The passage describes how the elephants have been abused and how their numbers have been dwindling.


Using your own words as far as possible, summarise the ways by which the elephants have been abused and the reasons for their decreasing population.


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