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III. Put in the missing words according to the text.

1. In early times the New York area was populated by Е

2. In her left hand she is holding ... with ... "July 4, 1776" Ц American Е Day.

3. New York consists of five parts, called ...

4. The first ... in New York was built in 1902.

5. New York has an Е that few other cities can ...

6. The Statue of Liberty is the symbol of American ...

7. The most important ... of industry are producing ...

8. New York is the centre of American ..., ...., Е and everything else


IV. Read the beginning of the sentence and find its end in the text.

1. Manhattan is the centre of American ...

2. The Statue of Liberty is the symbol ...

3. New York consists of five parts, called boroughs. They are ...

4. In 1626 the Dutch Trade Company bought ...

5. Today. New York City is nicknamed ...

6. Liberty carries ... . In her left hand she ...

7. It is situated in New York State ...

8. Forty years later the English fleet ...

9. There are two world-famous streets in New York Е

10. Manhattan is divided ...

11. New York is a city of ...

12.Manhattan is the centre of ...



V. Choose the correct verb in the right form: to carry, to give, to have, to divide, to link, to buy.

1. Manhattan ... into the East Side and the West Side.

2. All districts of New York ... together by numerous bridges.

3. France ... the statue to America in 1884 as a symbol of frendship.

4. In 1626 the Dutch Trade Company ... Manhattan Island from the locan Indians

for twenty four dollars.

5. Liberty ... the torch of freedom in her right hand.

6. New York City ... an energy that few other cities can equal.


VI. Read and learn the dialogues by heart.

Dialogue 1

- I say, Mike, what are your plans for today?

- Nothing special. Why?

- I want you to show me round. You have been living in New York for almost

eight years, so you know better whaf is worth seeing.

- All right. You'll come for a ride with me and I'll show you some of the sights.

- It will be very kind of you.

- So we can start from Washington Square and go along Fifth Avenue. We shall

pass Greenwich Village and Union Square.

- The only thing I know is that Fifth Avenue is the place where very rich people


- That's right. Do you know what Times Square is famous for?

- No idea.

- It's famous for its theaters and movies. If you are interested in

skyscrapers you should pay attention to the Empire State Building though it is not the tallest building any longer.

- There must be your famous Central Park nearby.

- Yes, it is a pleasure ground and besides there are a number of museums there.

- We'll go to the museums tomorrow. Agreed?

- Sure. Now I want you to see Park Avenue which is a fashionable residential

section of the city. It's on the opposite side of Central Park from Broadway.

- I hear the Frick Museum and the famous Metropolitan Museum are there.

- That's right. Do you want to watch a game of baseball?

- Yes, I do.

- In that case I'll take you to the Stadium. Tomorrow I'll show you some other

sights: Rockefeller Center Radio City, George Washington Bridge and Bronx

Zoological Gardens.

- I am looking forward to visiting those places.


Dialogue 2.

Alex: Hello, Steve! Nice meeting you again. How have you been?

Steve: Hi! I've been quite well and I'm happy to see you too. Where have you

been all this time?

Alex: I was having my vacation in New York.

Steve: Did you like it there?

Alex: "Like" is not the right word. It was great!

Steve: How long were you in New York, Alex?

Alex: About two weeks.

Steve: What have you seen?

Alex: Not much, I'm afraid. I've been on a sightseeing tour, though Ц squares, monuments, historical buildings and all that.

Steve: Have you visited the Museum of Modern Art?

Alex: Not yet. But I've read a lot about it.

Steve: What a pity! Their Impressionists are very good.

Alex: Yes, Cezanne is my favourite. But between you and me, I don't understand

abstractionists. I mean I don't know what people see in them.

Steve: Tastes differ.



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