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Work in two teams. Make as many sentences as possible using the picture below (pic. 5).






Pic. 5


1. Look at the picture (pic. 7). Describe the car. What's new about it? What's the same? Read an article about future transportation.

Pic. 7


Highway to the Future

On the road to exciting new changes in car design

By Harry Vroom

Special to the auto gazette


Get ready! We're on the road to exciting new changes in car design. How will the vehicle of the future look? Well, it will probably still have four wheels, but it's going to come in many more colors and patterns. You'll be able to choose a green and yellow polka-dotted model or design your very own personal look! It's going to be environmentally friendly, too. The material will be 100 percent recyclable, and the car will run on solar energy.

What about speed? The car of the future will go a lot faster than current cars. One day, it will even fly! But it will also be safe. An electronic shield around the car will warn of danger and automatically avoid accidents. And you won't get lost anymore! You'll just say the destination and the car will give you directions.

One manufacturer, Smart Transport, Inc., is holding a press conference next week. At the conference you'll see actual models of these fantastic new cars. And before very long, you'll be able to zip around town in the real thing! So, full speed head to the future! It's going to be a great trip!

Read a radio interview with Professor Harry Vroom, a well-known researcher of the Future Watch Institute. There are fifteen verb forms that refer to the future. Find and underline them.

Interviewer: For those of you who are just tuning in, this is "Looking Into the Future." I am Will Bee, and we are talking with Professor Harry Vroom. Good afternoon, Professor. I understand you are going to tell our listeners about the cars of the future.

Vroom: That's right. I believe there will be some surprising changes in the next century. Let me give you some examples. Cars of the future are going to have "brains." They'll start themselves, and they'll adjust the seats, mirrors, and steering wheels automatically. Luxury cars will even ask you where you want to go and will tell you the best route to take.

Interviewer: That certainly is amazing! I'm sure lots of our listeners have questions for you, but, unfortunately, we only have time today for a few call-ins.

Vroom: Well, you know, I am speaking at the annual Car Show next week. The show begins at 10:00 a.m. on August 11. I'm going to talk more about the plans for cars of the future. I'm also going to show some models. I hope many of your listeners will be there.

Interviewer: I'm sure they will. We have to pause for a commercial break. But don't go away, listeners. We'll be right back-and Professor Vroom will be ready to answer some of your questions.


3. Look at the pictures (pic. 8). They show events from a day in Professor Vroom's life. Write predictions or guesses. Use the given words.

answer the phone have dinner drive rain get very wet

take a trip give a speech watch TV

1__________________________ 2__________________________


3 _________________________ 4 ___________________________


5 _________________________ 6 ___________________________


7 _________________________ 8 __________________________

Pic. 8


4. Write about Professor Vroom’s plans for next week. Use the information from his calendar. Addtheandawhen necessary.

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
a.m take train to New Haven go to Washington (8:00 A.M.) work in research lab all day attend annual Car show talk on radio show
p.m. give lecture at Yale          

1. On Monday morning

2. On Monday evening

3. On Tuesday morning

4. All day Wednesday

5. On Thursday morning

6. On Friday morning

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Complete the sentences using any appropriate past forms. | Radio listeners are calling in with questions for Professor Vroom. Complete the questions and answers. Use the words in parentheses.
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