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Answer the following money quiz.

1 What currencies are used in Japan, Australia, India and Russia?

2 What does the expression, 'hard currency', mean?

3 Name two credit cards which are usable world-wide.

4 Give two examples of imports that most countries impose customs duties on.

5 Give three examples of kinds of income that would be classed as unearned.

6 What is the Dow Jones index and what are its equivalents in London and Japan?

7 Give an example of something that is priceless and something that is valueless.

8 Name the coins and banknotes used in your country and one other country.

8. People in financial difficulties sometimes fall ....... to unscrupulous money lenders. ( fool / prey / sacrifice / scapegoat)

9. Because Mr Sacked has just lost his job, his aunt's legacy came as a useful ....... .( advantage / benefit / profit / windfall)

10. The government has introduced ....... currency controls which will make it more difficult to holiday abroad.(extreme / striking / stringent / strong)

11. If you don't complete your income tax ....... , you may have to pay more than is necessary.

(account / document / report / return)

12. As a result of increased productivity, the workers received a ....... pay increase.( fundamental / palpable / substantial / tangible)

13. $ 150? $250? Let's ....... the difference and say $200.( agree / avoid / decrease / split )

14. Newly ....... coins always look clean and shining. (minted / moulded / pressed / printed)

15. For some jobless people, joining the ....... queue is a humiliating experience. (benefit / dole / grant / ration)

16. If a man is legally separated from his wife, is he still ....... for her debts?( answerable / bound / chargeable / liable)

17. The two men ....... a coin to see who should take care of the business on the weekend.( hurled / lobbed / threw / tossed )

18. No-one knows precisely how much she earns a month, but $4,000 can't be very ....... of the mark./( broad / distant / far / wide)

19. The ....... between the rich and the poor is very evident in the Western World. (deviation / differentiation / difference / distance)

20. The salary is $35,000 per annum, with annual ....... of $2,000 for five years.( annexes / bonuses / increments / prizes)

21. The government's policy is to ....... firms in trouble to prevent unemployment.( contribute / endow / grant / subsidise)

22. Being a teacher, I shop at stores which offer a ....... to teachers.( deduction / discount / rebate/


23. Share prices on the Stock Exchange plunged sharply in the morning but ....... slightly in the afternoon.( recovered / regained / restored / retrieved)

24. The firm will go bankrupt if it cannot meet its ....... .

(charges / duties / liabilities / promises)

25. Mr Businessman needed $ 10,000, but as his capital was ....... up in shares, he borrowed it from his bank.( bound / knotted / locked / tied )

1. Something that makes your product or company special, different or attractive.

2. The place where a business operates from.

3. Any kind of sign in a shop or place of business that displays visual information.

4. A document that explains what a business will do and how it will do.

5. The amount of money that a business receives its revenue.

6. Anything that a business must pay for.

7. To make a company pubic so people can buy or sell its shares.

8. A period of general price decreases.

9. To employ someone and pay them to work for a company.

10. Someone who puts money into a business.

11. An obligation to pay money back or to settle a debt.

12. Things that a company owns but that cannot be seen or touched: the brand value of a product, the franchise value of a service, a trademark.

13. An estimate of future financial outcomes for a company.

14. The point at which the amount of money coming into a business can cover all the costs.

15. A period of general price increases.

16. Costs that change in proportion to the activity of a business: some labour costs, material.

17. A trader who becomes unable to pay his debts.

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