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Look at the words in the box. They can be both nouns and verbs

ship value guarantee order need support offer project

Complete the sentences with the words from the box above:

2. The seller can _____ that youíll be satisfied.

3. A new engine was _____ over from the USA.

4. The charity exists to meet the ______ of elderly people.

5. We ______ our privacy.

6. You may place your ______ by telephone or on the Internet.

7. Local people have given us a lot of _____ in our campaign.

8. Will you accept their ______?

9. We provide you a firm ______ of quality.

10. He ______ a new computer from the supplier.

11. The campaign has tried to ______ a view of Labour as the party that cares.

12. Cargo _____ is a vessel that carries goods.

13. A number of groups _____ their services free of charge.

14. The _____ aims to provide an analysis of customersí behavior.

15. The results ______ our original theory.

16. The dollar has been steadily increased in _______.

17. Are you sure you have everything you _______?

Read the text.

How Do I Know My USP (Unique Selling Proposition) When Advertising My Business?

What is a USP. . .Really?

You can pick anything about your business and call it a USP, but that won't make it true. If it isn't true, and customers find out it isn't, you project an image of dishonesty. That can be more damaging to your company than not having a USP. To start with the basics, your USP should tell potential customers why they should do business with you. Why should they choose your company over the competition?

Your USP should be something your competition doesn't offer. It should meet a need that would otherwise not be met in your marketplace. If the products you sell are no different, consider other ways your company may stand out. Are you different in the way you sell or support your products or services? Perhaps you offer a unique guarantee or follow up service. If you still can't find any difference, then you've given customers no solid reason to choose your company. It's time to give them a reason.

Can You Create a USP?

If you can identify no authentic and compelling reason for customers to choose your company, then you need to move out of your comfort zone. You need to change the way you do business. Companies that stand out typically break out of the "me too" mold. They create the difference that sets them apart.

A more recent example is Verizon Wireless. If I were to ask what their USP is, you might say, "Can You Hear Me Now?" Obviously, that's a catch phrase that took hold and became a marketer's dream. Even so, it was part of a larger effort to express what sets Verizon apart from their competition. Verizon claims to lead the market as "America's Most Reliable Wireless Network." They don't stop there. In much of their advertising you will see the service mark "It's the Network." They offer a "Worry Free Guarantee" and "New Every Two." It is a wonderful example of the way a company, any company, can take a concept and build it into a Unique Selling Proposition across all aspects of the company. Verizon has taken the promise of "reliability" and has made it part of their overall image.

How Do You Create Your USP?

The best place to start is with your current customers. Ask them what they appreciate about your business. Why did they choose you? You may find a uniqueness you didn't know existed. Talk to potential customers too. Ask them what they care about most when buying your product or service. What would convince them to choose or switch to your company?

Keep in mind that your USP can branch out to target specific groups of people. Let's use Verizon as an example again. Overall, their USP is reliability. As part of that, they offer the "Worry Free Guarantee" with different "hooks" for the different hot buttons people have. For example, for those who want to keep up with the latest phone technology, they offer a new phone every two years. For those who value personal service, they promise ownership of any problems the first time a customer calls. If you serve demographically diverse groups of customers, keep in mind the benefit of using different selling points within your USP.

Don't make your USP too vague. There is nothing wrong with making "service" your USP, but you must make sure your service is truly better and delivered consistently. Determine and implement ways to ensure your service is better. For example, you might promise a live person on the phone each time a customer calls. Or, guarantee all orders will be shipped within 24-hours. When you develop solid, measurable parameters, it is also easier to integrate your USP across your company. Employees will know what is expected of them.

Once you have made your USP a daily part of your organization, and your employees are trained and on board, it can then become a repetitive part of your marketing. It should be conveyed in an easy to recall slogan and as part of your overall branding.

Over time, customers will begin to connect your USP with your company. It will become part of your identity, and they will see the value of doing business with you. They will see your USP is more than a slogan and will tell others. With a genuine USP, your company will stand out not only in your advertising but also in the overall perception the general public has of you.

Are the following sentences true or false?

1. Unique selling proposition is a part of the brand and image that we create in the marketplace.

2. USP clearly differentiates your business in the eyes of your current and potential customers or clients.

3. Any information about your business can be USP.

4. The USP which is false can spoil the image of your company.

5. Before creating USP itís necessary to conduct market research.

6. Just a bright slogan makes a genuine USP.

7. To create a good USP your company should offer something to the customers that your competitors canít propose.

8. Itís important that your employees follow the strategy developed in your USP.

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