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Grading Policy

#   Activity, task to be evaluated Points
1. Participation in classroom discussions at seminars 20 (4 points each)
2.   The Common Tongue. Listening: answers to the questions
3. Video materials: answers to the questions
4. Charts, tables, diagrams
5. A report on the topic suggested
6.   Module test

1. Seminar participation (each seminar).

Active participation is required. By active participation I mean both your willingness to participate and your ability to contribute to the discussion at any time you are asked to do so, which means to get the maximum you are to be ready with every question and discussion topic suggested. Languages: English (preferable). Russian is also allowed, if you present a piece of information from a book / article in Russian.

2. Reports (essays). Choose one of the topics suggested and write a three-or-four-page essay. Your essay should have an introduction to present the problem to be discussed, the main body consisting of several well-developed and properly organized paragraphs and a conclusion summarizing the ideas described. A list of references is also a MUST (see my list below for typography ( ). The Internet is allowed but do not overuse it. Plagiarism will be harshly punished. Your essay is due on 28 February, 2014.

Topics for the report

The development of non-finite forms of the verb in the history of the English language
The development of analytical forms of the verb in the history of the English language
The Establishing of the National Standard
The concept of language change
Proto-Germanic language, its development from Proto-Indo-European
The earliest descriptions of the Germans, the ancient tribes that spoke Germanic languages
The runic alphabet. Old English alphabet
Old English written records
Old English dialects
Old English syntax
The Scandinavian invasions, the Norman Conquest & the way they influenced English
Changes in the alphabet and spelling in Middle English. Middle English written records
Middle English dialects. The London dialect



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English History Course Summary | Charts, table, diagrams, notes. To be collected after each seminar.
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