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A Chronology of the English Language

55 BCE Roman invasion of Britain under Julius Caesar
43 CE Roman invasion and occupation under Emperor Claudius. Beginning of Roman rule of Britain
Roman withdrawal from Britain complete
Anglo-Saxon settlement of Britain begins
450-480 Earliest Old English inscriptions date from this period
St. Augustine arrives in Britain. Beginning of Christian conversion of the Anglo-Saxons
The Venerable Bede publishes The Ecclesiastical History of the English People in Latin
Viking raids and settlements begin
The Danes occupy Northumbria
Alfred becomes king of Wessex. He has Latin works translated into English and begins practice of English prose. The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle is begun
Charles II of France grants Normandy to the Viking chief Hrolf the Ganger. The beginning of Norman French
c.1000 The oldest surviving manuscript of Beowulf dates from this period
The Norman conquest
c.1150 The oldest surviving manuscripts in Middle English date from this period
Henry II conquers Ireland
King John loses the province of Normandy to France
English replaces Latin as the medium of instruction in schools, other than Oxford and Cambridge which retain Latin
1349-50 The Black Death kills one third of the British population
The Statute of Pleading replaces French with English as the language of law. Records continue to be kept in Latin. English is used in Parliament for the first time
Wyclif publishes his English translation of the Bible
c.1388 Chaucer begins The Canterbury Tales
c.1400 The Great Vowel Shift begins
William Caxton establishes the first English printing press
Caxton publishes Malory's Le Morte d'Arthur
Columbus discovers the New World
William Tyndale translates the New Testament
The first Act of Union unites England and Wales
First version of The Book of Common Prayer
Shakespeare born
Union of the English and Scottish crowns under James the I (VI of Scotland)
Robert Cawdrey publishes the first English dictionary, Table Alphabeticall
Jamestown, the first permanent English settlement in the New World, established
The Authorized, or King James Version, of the Bible is published
Death of Shakespeare
Shakespeare's First Folio is published
The Great Fire of London. End of The Great Plague
Publication of the first daily, English-language newspaper, The Daily Courant, in London
Samuel Johnson publishes his dictionary
Cook discovers Australia
Thomas Jefferson writes the Declaration of Independence
Washington defeats Cornwallis at Yorktown. Britain abandons the American colonies
British penal colony established in Australia
Act of Union unites Britain and Ireland
Noah Webster publishes his dictionary
Herman Melville publishes Moby Dick
British Broadcasting Corporation founded
The Oxford English Dictionary is published


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