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Food industry is one of the leading branches of the national economy which combines production and industrial processing of raw materials of plant and animal origin and selling of finished goods. Its main sub-branches are meat and dairy, oil and fats, fruit and vegetable packing industry. Foodstuffs make up 59% of the total consumer goods volume. Among other countries of the world Ukraine has the most favourable natural and human potential for its development, promising home consumer market and large export potential.

The food industry in Ukraine started as a branch of mechanical production in the second half of the 19th century. Refinery production of sugar began somewhat earlier. The first sugar refinery in Ukraine was set up in 1824 in the village of Troshchine, Kaniv District, near Kyiv. The mining method of salt extraction was developed at the end of the 19th century in the Donbass (at Artemivsk and Slovyansk).

The further development of the Ukrainian food industry was connected with the production of granulated sugar, flour, groats, butter, confectionery, alcohol, beer and tobacco. A number of food enterprises were set up to produce meat, milk, bread, canned foods, margarine and other products to raise the population's standard of living. Highly-qualified food industry specialists appeared and more progressive forms of labour organization were introduced. Thus, in a relatively short period a powerful food industry was created in Ukraine. But it was largely destroyed during the Great Patriotic War.

In post-war years thousands of food enterprises were restored and reconstructed. Numerous new plants were built. That made it possible to increase the production of foodstuffs which play an important role in the human diet. The sugar industry retained its position as a leading food industry in Ukraine.

In the course of time, however, the level of food supply and the assortment of products have shown a downward trend when the prices grew by many times. The adoption of the state 'Food Program didn’t help to cope with the problem.

In the period of stabilizing the market economy of Ukraine it is food producing and processing industry that is developing most dynamically. The majority of food plants and factories of Ukraine are private enterprises. Owing to the target economic policy and through attracting local and foreign investments by cooperation the Ukrainian food processing enterprises began to use widely progressive high technologies, advanced technological processes, highly productive up-to-date technological equipment and installations, complex mechanization and automation of production, and advanced production experience (know-how). As a result the Ukrainian foodstuffs grew in quality and quantity, became more versatile and competitive.

At present Ukraine is one of the world’s biggest producers of sugar. Many Ukrainian food products won the world’s recognition. The focus of our food industry today is health products, fortified and functional food. More and more GM (genetically modified)-free products appear on the home food market to meet the demand of the population.

Note. GM food is created by taking DNA (desoxyribonucleic acid) from one organism and putting it into another.


Date: 2015-12-24; view: 1915

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