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The way to the 10th anniversary…

by: S.V. Filippenko, Pro-rector on international cooperation

of the Russian Customs Academy

The state public educational institution of high professional education «The Russian Customs Academy» (RCA) was founded on 22 September 1993 by the decision of Russian Federation Government.

The Academy – is a basic high educational institution of Educational and Methodological Association of high educational institutions in the field of customs which consists of 84 educational institutions of the country.

Academy's structure consists of two institutes – The Institute of E-learning, retraining and qualification improvement and The Institute of law enforcement activity, three faculties – the Faculty of customs affairs, The Faculty of economics and the Faculty of law, 24 departments, postgraduate and doctoral, three branches – in Vladivostok, Rostov-on-Don and St. Petersburg.

Today at the departments of the Academy work more than 50 doctors of science and professors, more than 200 candidates of science and associate professors.

In RCA there is a modern informational-educational environment, the basis of which is the situation and analytical training center with the help of which it is possible to connect with real functioning structures of FCS Russia and its regional customs departments, and also the system of distant education of FCS Russia employees is being successfully developed.

The scientific activity of the Academy is many-sided and effective; it involves organizational, researching, informational and library – informational fields.

During the graduate school in RCA, where 250 people are studying today, for all of form of studying, they have opportunity to get high scientific and scientific – pedagogical qualifications as well as the citizens of foreign states.

In order to provide training, research and other activities at the Academy there are: 2 training and laboratory complexes, educational and scientific building,

a library, fitness, 2 hotel buildings, a canteen. Educational and material resources

are developing dynamically.

According to the “Memorandum of Understanding between the

World Customs Organization and the State Customs Committee of the Russian Federation” of 25 November 2002, the Academy has received international status and now there is the Regional Training Centre of the World Customs

Organization in the Russian Customs Academy, which is training a highly qualified customs personnel, providing organization and holdingWCO regional meetings.

More than 600 representatives of customs services of CIS countries, officials of customs and law-enforcement bodies of Russia have been trained at the WCO RTC – Russia during the 9 years of its existence. Leading WCO experts train students on the most urgent customs issues such as risk management, fight against smuggling, customs procedures, customs audit and struggle against fraud, WCO technologies, international deliveries safety, WCO framework of Standards, etc.

Heads and staff of the WCO Secretariat and leading WCO departments have visited the WCO RTC - Russia many times. The Secretary General of the WCO Kunio Mikuriya also has.

International events, such as meetings, conferences, lectures, have been carried out in the framework of the WCO Programmes on cooperation and training of customs officers at the WCO RTC – Russia:

- in 2003 the meeting with the heads of operational-search agency of Germany, the meeting on the topic : “A Role of Customs Services in the 21st Century”, in which the representatives of the United Kingdom, Sweden, Canada, Belgium and Russia participated; Mr.Kunio Mikuriya gave a lecture on the current WCO Programmes;

- in 2004-2006 in the framework of bilateral cooperation between the Federal Customs Service of Russia (FCS) and the Customs Service of Germany a complex of events was carried out at the academy and at the WCO RTC - Russia. The complex included seminars on qualification improvement of the teaching staff of the academy on intellectual property protection;

- in 2007 a WCO Workshop on the principles of the E-learning Programme implementation was held. This Workshop was carried out by experts of the WCO Modernization Department;

- in collaboration with the Federal Customs Service of Russia the WCO RTC – Russia prepared and held the WCO international Workshop «WCO data model. Unique delivery number» on the base of the FCS of Russia from 12 to 14 February 2008. The WCO experts participated in the seminar. The representatives of 17 foreign countries, including CIS and European countries took part in the seminar;

- a regional seminar on customs valuation problems in the European region was held in May-June 2010. It was sponsored by the Japanese fund of customs collaboration and the FCS of Russia. The objective of the seminar was the assistance to uniformly implement and apply the Agreement on the WCO customs valuation by WCO member states of the European region;

- the international Workshop on non-intrusive methods of inspection was held in the Saint-Petersburg branch of the academy in June 2010. The Workshop was attended by representatives of the WCO and customs administrations of 20 WCO member-states, the staff of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, the Russian Federal Customs Service, regional customs departments, the Russian Customs Academy and its branches. The workshop participants shared their professional experience at meetings and practical trainings, as well as during a video-conference of Brussels –Moscow - St. Petersburg - Rostov-on-Don - Vladivostok. The participants became familiar with modern types of technical means of customs control and took part in an out-door training on the basis of stationary customs inspection complex of the Baltic customs North-West customs department.

- in the period from 15 to 19 November 2010 the WCO international Workshop “Revised Kyoto Convention” was carried out at the Russian Customs Academy by the WCO RTC - Russia. Heads of the academy, Russian customs officers, the representatives of the CIS and foreign countries customs services, scientists and professors of the academy and its branches took part in the workshop;

- according to the WCO Secretariat Plan the 3rd Europe’s ROCB/RTCs Meeting was held at the Russian Customs Academy from 27 to 28 January 2011. Representatives of the WCO Secretariat took part in this Meeting;

- the Russian and Kazakhstan WCO RTCs meeting was held at the WCO RTC –

Russia on June 20, 2011. During this meeting prospects of the joint cooperation in

the field of customs officers training were discussed.

In 2009 there was made a preparation work for academy connection to the WCO PICARD Programme, which provides cooperation of universities and scientific circles in the course of the WCO and preparation work for academy connection to the International Network of Customs Universities. In 2009 the academy became a member of this international network, which includes more than 100 institutions of higher education. Memorandum of understanding between the World Customs Organization (WCO) and the Federal Customs Service (FCS of Russia) to promote cooperation in the development and provision of world-class customs training, education, capacity building and research was signed on 20 October, 2010.

The WCO RTC - Russia organized the speech “Development of performance measurement for the Russian Customs Service” of Alexey Gubin, professor of the customs business economy sub-department of the Russian Customs Academy at the 6th annual WCO PICARD Conference, which was held from 14 to 16 September 2011 in Geneva, Switzerland. This article was published in the World Customs Journal, issued by the International Network of Customs Universities.

According to the WCO Secretariat’s recommendations the WCO RTC - Russia made work on implementation of the WCO E-learning Programme. The employees of the WCO RTC - Russia developed a method of working with the E-Learning Programme; there were trained four tutors from the academy and its branches were presented with the WCO certificates.

Currently the work with the specialists in the field of customs business of Russia for their study of the WCO E-learning Programme modules continues.

On April 28, 2011 the first issue of electronic scientific customs journal "Customs" was published. It was created by three WCO RTCs of the European Region: the WCO RTC – Russia, the WCO RTC – Ukraine, the WCO RTC – Macedonia.

There were published two articles of the scientists of the Russian Customs Academy in the first edition of the journal: A. Gubin, Ph.D., professor of the customs business economy sub-department: "Problems of the assessment of customs authorities activity effectiveness", and P. Afonin, Ph.D., professor, head of technical means of customs control sub-department of the St. Petersburg branch of the Russian Customs Academy: "The technology of ensuring safe use of customs examination X-ray equipment of the Federal Customs Service of Russia”.

From 19 to 20 October 2011 there was held the XII International Exhibition "Customs Service - 2011" in Moscow "Expocenter". It was dated to the 20th anniversary of the Federal Customs Service of Russia.

An exposition with information and promotional materials from the Russian Customs Academy was presented at the exhibition. During the event, the Rostov branch of the Russian Customs Academy was nominated as the "Best IT-integrator."

The prepared by the WCO RCA – Russia materials for the exhibition aroused great interest among the participants and were highly appreciated by the Head of the Federal Customs Service of Russia Andrey Belyaninov and the Deputy Secretary General of the World Customs Organization Sergio Mujica.

In recent years the representatives of customs services of the USA, UK, Germany, Turkey, Sweden, Denmark, China, India, Hungary and other states have visited the academy and the WCO RTC - Russia. During the meetings the prospects of students and teaching staff exchange were discussed.

The creation of the WCO RTC - Russia was an important milestone, which demonstrated the possibilities of the Russian Customs Service to participate in the promotion of conceptual ideas. The Center, established with the support of the World Customs Organization, the Government and the Customs Service of Russia trains personnel not only for the Russian Customs Service, but also for the CIS countries.

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