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Let me introduce myself: I am Mark Smith. a student at Uzhhorod National University. Now I am a freshman, as they put it in America, and I am doing law. I take a full course of law of Ukraine, let alone some other things. I must say I take a special liking to the subjects in which I am going to major (to specialize). And that is history/philosophy which was my favourite subject at school.

It was shortly before leaving school that I made up my mind to enter this faculty and take up law seriously as my future speciality. Whether I will make a very good lawyer or notary remains to be seen, but I am sure that eventually I will become quite knowledgeable in the field of many subjects.

A fresher’s life can be exciting but terrifying for the first week. First-year students have to make a break from home, from a set of school rules. Very often they are away from their friends. They learn a new way of studying.

I must say the first day at university was unforgettable. We gathered in the Assembly Hall where the Rector congratulated us on the beginning of the session and wished us success in our academic life. Then the Dean of the Faculty took the floor. Íå spoke about the subjects we were to study and various departments of the faculty. He/she told us that in order to become good specialist we would have to work hard: attend all lectures, tutorials and seminars. As well as lectures, there are regular seminars at which one of a small group of students will have to read a paper he or she has written. The paper is then discussed by the tutor and the rest of the group. Twice or three times a week students have practical lessons. Beginning with the second year they have to present a year paper to their scientific advisors and go to their placements for two or four weeks for acquiring practical skills. At the end of each term we will take several examinations and credit-tests. In June, for instance, I will read for my exams in … .

Classes begin at 8 o’clock in the morning and last till two or four o’clock in the afternoon. All subjects are very interesting. We have lectures, seminars and tutorials in English, Philosophy, History, Theory of State and Law, Latin and so on. Later we are going to study constitutional law, civil law, criminal law, land law, family law and commercial law.

As regards English they will teach us not only to read and translate … documents and literature but to speak English as well. Our English teacher says we must work at the language very hard. I know we’ll need it in the future. Since the proverb says: “A man who knows four languages is worth four men."

I’ll try to do well all the subjects and attend all the classes in order to pass exams successfully. I am sure I'll enjoy my studies at university and hope after studies to become a good lawyer. I think it is a noble profession, because you work with people and try to help them. To become a good lawyer you should work hard and have certain traits of character. You should be clever, helpful, open-minded and sociable. I feel that I’m just cut out to be a lawyer.

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