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December – January, 2014-2015

Essay Contest Rules

Legal English Speaking Club of National University Ostroh Academy

December – January, 2014-2015

The Legal English Speaking Club (LESC) of the National University of Ostroh Academy, in conjunction with the European Law Students’ Association in Ostroh (ELSA), is pleased to announce an essay contest on the following topic: Are the Journalists Combatant during the Armed Conflicts?As indicated by the specified topic, essays must address the question of whether Ukrainian medical reform is beneficial for the further development of the country.

The essay contest goals are:

ü to encourage students to develop writing and research skills;

ü to promote critical thinking and support rigorous, innovative ideas on the topic to be raised;

ü to provide arena for discussion regarding the suggested issue and heathen the awareness of moral questions involved;

ü identify and reward top thinkers.


Three authors of the best essays on this topic, as determined by the LESC and ELSA leaders, will receive non-monetary awards (valuable and rare books) which recognize students for extraordinary perseverance and enthusiasm in the study of foreign language and law. The LESC essay contest winners will be announced at the LESC concert ‘Plagiarism in Music’ held on the date appointed by the LESC leaders.


The rules for the contest are as follows:

1. Only students currently enrolled in the National University of Ostroh Academy are eligible to enter*. The contest is open not only to the students of I.Malynovskyi Law Institute but to the students of other faculties in the National University of Ostroh Academy.

2. No member of the LESC or ELSA organisations or their relative by blood or marriage is eligible to enter the contest.

3. All submissions become property of the LESC to use, reproduce, or distribute as it sees fit in its sole discretion, although authorship will be acknowledged.

4. By submitting an entry, the contestant warrants that the work is original and does not violate the intellectual property rights of any other person or entity. In addition, by submitting an entry, the contestant grants permission to the LESC to use her or his name for publicity purposes, including, but not limited to, announcing the results of the contest.

5. Submissions must be typed in Microsoft Word and may not exceed 250 words in length (excluding references). Structural parts of speech are not taken into consideration. English is the official language of the contest and only entries in English will be reviewed. The essay text is limited to two 1.5-spaced, 12-point font, single-sided, numbered pages with one-centimetre margins. No literary form other than an essay will be accepted. Each essay must reflect the contestant's own research, writing and original thinking. Only one essay may be submitted by each contestant. All submitted essays must be nonfiction. Incomplete and/or inaccurate entries and entries not complying with all rules are subject to disqualification.

6. Identifying information which includes the author’s name, year of studying and faculty, should be set forth only in the email. To ensure blind review, identifying information must not appear in the body of the submission itself. Moreover, the contest organizing committee will assign the number code to each essay.

7. To reflect the research conducted, references should be included and clearly identified.

8. To be considered, entries must be sent by January 20, 2015** to the address: marta.kozlovska@yandex.ua. Indicate ‘LESC Essay Contest’ in the subject line.***

9. I.Malynovskyi Law Institute staff and Legal English instructors, namely Oleh P. Herasymchuk, assistant director of academic affairs, Cand.Sc. (Legal Sciences), Associate Professor, Mariia B. Tsypiashchuk, lecturer, Dina V. Baisan, Legal English instructor will judge the essays using four criteria. A sample scoring sheet follows. The decisions of the judges are final and non-reviewable.

Essay Scoring Sheet

Rate each of the five categories 1 through 5, with 5 as the highest score. Add the four categories to reach the essay's final score.

Essay Number _____________

I. Content and Reasoning (1-5 points)________

The essay has a thesis—a single, central point that is interesting, original, striking and substantial. The central idea is developed in the essay through well-chosen, appropriate, concrete details that show originality and freshness. Author shows rather than merely tells. Generalizations and assertions are defended. Arguments are logical. It is clearly observed that profound research was primarily conducted.

II. Organisation and Development(1-5 points)_________

The essay is organized and well structured (there is a beginning, a body, and a conclusion). The essay exhibits a clear strategy for persuasion and pattern of development (chronological order, spatial order, comparison/contrast, etc.). The organization works with the thesis so that the thesis and the organization contribute to serving the purpose of the essay. Essay does not digress from central point. Transitions help the paper flow smoothly. Introductory paragraph(s) is (are) interesting and appropriate. Concluding paragraph is well written.

III. Use of Language and Style (1-5 points)________

Sentences are mature and parallel. Writer avoids modifier problems. Sentences show variety of pattern and are rhetorically effective. The essay is written in a style and tone appropriate to the audience, topic and purpose. Words are appropriate and well chosen. Writer avoids jargon and sexist language. Writer seems to be speaking in an authentic voice. Paper is enjoyable and interesting. Subtract points for errors in grammar (comma splices, fragments, fused sentences, agreement, etc.), spelling, and mechanics (margins, format, etc.).

IV. Overall Effect (1-5 points)_________

The essay addresses the topic, follows the instructions and is submitted in the neatly format. References are arranged according to the academic requirements.

Final score___________

* proof of matriculation must be submitted upon request.

** The deadline of the contest could be prolonged by the decision of the LESC leaders if the need arises.

***if and when more than 100 entries are submitted, LESC reserves the right to stop accepting entries. Review of more than 100 essays is beyond the resources of our staff.

**** adopted from the Center for Inquiry essay contest rules and the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis essay contest rules



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