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UNIT 2 A closer look

Warm up

Match the photos: Desktop, Laptop or Server?

Define the concepts and say where and what for these types of computers are used:  

Read and Talk

<key words>

keyboard upgrade boot
printer click desktop
double click laptop firmware
CD/DVD-ROM re-boot software
server MAC and PC storing and processing
Buying your first computer
Practice the conversation: − Hi Jim. How's it going? − Pretty good, John. I'm going to buy a new computer this afternoon. − Wow! What kind are you going to buy? − I think I'll buy a desktop. − Why not a laptop? − Well, Iíve got my old Mac and itís ok. I need a workstation now. You know, new games need some powerful PCs. Besides Iím in for video and slideshow montage and it takes resources. I need a bigger hard disk and memory and cards. − I see. You should make a good system and upgradeable of course. Are you buying a ready made computer or create it by selecting all the parts yourself? − I think Iíll build it myself at a local store or even from some sites on the internet. This is because all the big computer companies use proprietary components and if you buy a ready made one it is harder to upgrade. − I know the prices in the local shopping mall are really coming down. − No, itís a bad idea, I prefer specialized computer shops, they can assemble the parts you buy from them and help with advice. − And I suppose you can have some tech support from the shop later? − Sure. And upgrades are easier.   Have you used a desktop? A laptop? A Mac? A PC? What type do you have? A ready made or a built up one? Have you ever upgraded your computer? Reproduce the talk with your partner.
Give a definition to the words:
Proprietary components:
Hard disc:
Memory and cards:
Tech support:

Extend your knowledge

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