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(We see Scrooge pace the floor, crawl into bed, then tossing and turning.)

(Spot on the bed. SCROOGE sits up, looks around.)



SCROOGE: Was it a dream, then? (Lays back down.) (We hear the CATHEDRAL CHIME.)

SCROOGE (jumping out of bed) Ha! The hour past,...and nothing else!


(Pleased with himself, he gets back into bed. A figure emerges and takes position at the head of SCROOGE'S bed. A figure emerges at the head of the bed. All lights up to full.)



SPIRIT OF CHRISTMAS PAST (SCP): Scrooge! SCROOGE (startled, sitting up): Ahh!

(His head swivels left, as of its own accord. He sees SCP, a striking female figure with bright flowing hair in a white robe bedecked tastefully with summer flowers, and a silver sash. Her expression is bright, full of life and hope. She holds a branch of green holly. A bright light accompanies her. Her voice should be firm, yet light.)



SCROOGE: Are you the Spirit whose coming I was told about? SCP: I am!

SCROOGE: Who, and what, are you? SCP: I am the Spirit of Christmas Past. SCROOGE (looking her over): Long past? SCP: No. Your past.

SCROOGE: Perhaps you could turn down that light that accompanies you?

SCP: What?


SCROOGE: I'm sorry. What brings you here?

SCP: Your welfare, of course! Rise, and walk with me!


(SCP takes hold of SCROOGE'S arm. He rises and walks with her. Set transforms to country scene in winter. CAROLERS heard quietly off stage with “Carol of the Bells.”)





(Spot out, stage lights up, revealing Ebeneezer as a young adult, pacing back and forth, agitated. FAN enters, throws her arms around him. SCROOGE and SCP watch the scene.)


FAN: Dear, dear brother!


EBENEEZER: Fan! Little Fan! You've grown!


FAN: I have come to bring you home, dear brother! (All aglow, quite beside herself with joy.) EBENEEZER: Home, little Fan?

FAN: Yes! Home, for good and all! Father is much kinder than he used to be. He has arranged an apprenticeship for you. You're to be a man, and begin your career! But first we'll be together all Christmas long, and have the merriest time in the entire world!


(They exit.)



SCP: Your sister was a frail creature, and often ill; but she had a large heart. SCROOGE: So she had. You're right about that, Spirit.


SCP: She died a young woman, but she had a child, as I recall.

SCROOGE (thoughtful): Yes, a son, my nephew. His name is Fred Hollowell. SCP: Your nephew, Ebeneezer; the only family you have left.

SCROOGE: Yes, that is true.


SCP: Come along, Ebeneezer. It is time to see another Christmas.


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